Newest Line of Microsoft Bluetrack Mice, Colorfully Affordable



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I've always used Logitech, and now a Razer Lachesis for gaming.  I tried the Microsoft wireless X8 bluetrack mouse and the new blue laser worked great...but the design of the mouse was terrible!   Who would put a metal scroll wheel?  It was also to fat and the buttons were hard to use.  The Razer is a great gaming mouse, even with the wire shackles! 

I just bought a Logitech Anywhere MX for my netbook and it is almost perfect (I wish the scroll button was all rubber)!  The free scroll wheel is great, the buttons are located in the right places.  I bought it for $60 and it's worth every penny!  

The new Microsoft mouse is priced low, but will it have the functions and qualities of the Logitech Anywhere MX? I highly doubt it!  I've heard of quality issues with Microsoft mice in the past regarding the micro adapter getting too hot and frying.  For a laptop, you must make a wireless mouse with a micro adapter!   Logitech mice seem to be more reliable than Microsoft.  Microsoft should concentrate on making a better mouse, not better marketing!


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