Newegg Daily Deals: CM StormSeries Trooper Case, HIS Radeon HD 7870, and More



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I own 2 of these cases...ordered one from newegg and the other from Amazon since the egg had a one per customer limit. The one I received from Amazon shipped with one of the plastic feet broken...shipped it back and they replaced it. About 8 months later...another one of the plastic feet broke .../sighs. This seems to be a recurring problem with this case...which is odd considering it has a handle, presumably to move it around, so the damn thing shouldn't be so fragile. I will probably replace the cheap plastic feet with hockey pucks...that should solve that issue. Also sometimes the 200mm top fan rattles...seems cheap, unplugged it...I don't need that much it's okay

Having said that... at $135, free shipping this is still a good deal...just remember "I told you so."



Love my CM Trooper!



HIS' IceQ 7950 with Boost is also marked down to $280, no rebate required, free shipping and Shoprunner eligible:

Comes with activation codes for Crysis 3 and Bioshock Infinite.

It's 11.6 inches long, though, so make sure you got enough room :)



Oops, you forgot to log into the MPC staff account.



Heh, it was only partially my fault. Our CMS was being goofy and didn't save the MPC author info the first time around, and out of habit, I plopped my info when I went back in. Good catch nonetheless. :)



It happens :-)

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