New XPS One 27 is Dell's Largest All-in-One Desktop Ever, Touts 2560 x 1440 Display



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I think somebody forgot to tell Dell that many of these 24" all in one's are as heavy as a 19" CRT back in the day and many enclosed computer desks do not support such monitor sizes....oops. I won't even get into their hefty price tags, then again we are talking about the same company who thought shifting their customer service to nations who couldn't speak English was a good idea.

As for HP their board thought that firing CEO's because they all kept telling them that they should not get rid of their cash cow desktop line would somehow change the truth?



"Driving the display are 3rd Generation Intel Core i5 3450s and Core i7 3770s processor options"

Wait, are we walking the plural form or the S version (lower TDP) of those CPUs? It's not clear.



S versions.



HP always seems to be last to get into the game. HP still doesn't have any made for home or home office displays above 1080p, only business ones.



It's "Wide Quad HD" (2560x1440), not "Full Quad HD(3840x2160). Full Quad is "4K" or 4 times 1080p. This Dell is a kind of quad HD but it's four times 720p. Registered here to say this.



Good catch. That was actually pulled straight from Dell's press release, which incorrectly labels the resolution as Full Quad HD. It's actually Wide Quad HD, as you stated.



I know what a pain it is to register to a site just to say something you want to say so I want to thank you for clearing this up for us. I appreciate it. (I'm not being sarcastic by the way).

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