New X-Men Movie Gets Pirated a Month Before Release



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They're going to try to track down the person that put it on the web and made it availble, or everyone that downloaded it?

If movie producers really wanted to do something about this kinda thing, they would make sure that "leaks" dont happen.

Seriously, you dont see leaks of big companies financial portfolios or inventions or whatever it is they don't want the entire world to know about splayed all over the web.
Yeah you read about a lot of 'em, but thats a very small fraction of the companies out there.  if leaks were really that wide spread, then you should be able to find dang near any and every "confidential" peice of information online.
I think most of these leaks are planned by the very companies that are leaked, to generate public intrest / publicity or whatever the company hopes to gain from such foolishness. 
However if the previous posts are true, then this isnt the first time a comic book movie has been leaked before release, if it was leaked before release, then somebody in the industry is doing the releasing.

It cant be that hard, just find the person responsible, arrest the loser, hire trustworthy people, and create safeguards to prevent this from happening again. 

(Yes, I know my grammar isn't perfect, no need for the grammar trolls to hoot and hollar about it.)



the beneficiaries are concerned about their profits....however, pirating justifies the hundreds of movies i've gone to see, only to be thoroughly dissatisfied with the movie or theater itself. did i ever get my money back? haha.

free movies FTMFW! i've paid my dues. and just because their a legit co., doesnt mean its ok to be charged outrageous fact, movie production is easily one of the biggest profit margins possible.



I'm all about pirating movies and everything, but that's only if theyre on dvd.  I would much rather go see a movie on the big screen if I can.  There's just something about watching a movie on a 15" laptop screen that just doesnt do it for me.



I fail to understand why anyone would download a movie that is unfinished and of questionable quality instead of paying a few bucks and watching it on the big screen with high quality sound.


Seriously, if the movies cost too much sneak in some popcorn and go during a matinee. Leave the wife/girlfriend at home; they will only ask questions about what just happened in the middle fo the flick anyway.

$6.50 problem solved.



it was a good movie.


I Jedi

Jesus Christ... Just give them a reason to enforce more restrictions, like DRM, SecuROM, etc, on us... I can understand being pissed off about something like Spore and all its nasty shit, but this is just giving them all the reasons to put more protective shit on their products. 



"I leaked a movie onto the Internet. Why? Hey, get in your own bunk!  Help! Guards!"



I would never ever watch a movie I am expecting to enjoy on my computer. Not even if I can stream it to my Tv or anything. I wonder if these people are just fans that just can't wait for the release or just regular people that don't mind the quality of the movies they are watching.



Same thing happened with the first Hulk movie a work print was released one to two months prior to release, it still sucked in final form...i'm thinking maybe this one is gonna suck too and thats why someone released it into the wilds of the web...



 If i'm correct, this also happened with the first Spiderman. The numbered signature embedded into the movie is going to give away the uploader, and they will get some serious trouble on them.

 I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.

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