New Version of Fraps Fixes Micro Stutter and Other Annoying Bugs



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The only change I'd like to see in Fraps are video files a lot smaller than 1GB per second.




OK so i get really, really bad microstutter at times when moving my camera around. I decided i would record some of it with fraps to upload tot he internet to help explain what my problem is. However when i start recording my problem goes away... EVERYTIME. This is not a conincidence. Somehow when i start to record with fraps it fixes my microstutter issue. Anyone know why this would be?



FRAPS sets a static framerate (assuming your machine is able to keep it at that framerate) so if your framerate is fluctuating between 45-70 FPS for instance, when you start recording with FRAPS it will lock to a fixed 30fps (I think that's default but you can modify the settings), removing the stutter.



I never liked FRAPS, and all I can say is too little too late. The ridiculously large files, no easy way to scale to ideal resolution... one codec suits all... hardware taxing is going strong as always have been...
I can use Dxtory with much optimized settings to do recordings at a much less taxing environment and even live stream stuffs with xsplit...
It also supports splitting the video load to multiple hard drives for more demanding games or longer recording session or both...

Sometimes, there are audio synch issues with FRAPS too... It sometimes render the whole recording useless, so damn annoying...



For recording, the function built into MSI afterburner is much better. No framerate drop and smaller files sizes and almost as good of quality.



Thanks, I'll go ahead and get the latest.

I started to regularly use FRAPS in 2008, mostly to put an FPS counter in the corner (usually displayed 60) to make me feel good about spending $2,700 on a PC. Paid for it a year or so back.

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