New Version of Chrome Sandboxes Flash



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This will only protect temporarily of course, it will only take a little while before they can get around this Flash sandbox, just like todays keyloggers and trojans that have anti-sandboxie and anti-VMware capabilities :|



I checked out the "improved" MySpace yesterday, only looked at one profile, a paid currator no-less, and was infected with a javascript virus that installed System Tool 2011 behind my back.


Hopefully, sandboxing java might help with this...


And, in regards to the spammers, how about a bunch of us on MaxPC utilize the power that is the DDOS attack  on their websites?  



I use Chrome and I use a Flashblock extension that is available for it.  It is the most wonderful addon that Ive ever used.  I never have to worry about adds yelling at me that "I've won" or even a hidden video that I can not close while watching streams online.



Yeah I'd say the comments board is crap, the forms don't seem to have the spam problem. Or maybe just cut backs on web admins.



3 comments out of 17 that aren't spam. It's almost like somebody's got something against MPC. It's time to nuke the comments section and start over. Captcha is obviously useless. There is a special place in Hell reserved for Spammers, pedophiles, and people who talk during movies.



These spammers are really starting to piss me off!  MPC, your web personnel need to find a way to remove these spam "comments"



People put a lot of work into the articles in MaximumPC and any loser that defaces their work with spam should be banned from this site, ID them with their PC address and soon they will run out of PCs to post this trash with. Thank You MaximumPC for a great magazine and thanks to all people that post real comments.



Or at least can you let the reader community flag or delete these posts ourselves?  Thank you!  In the meantime stop asking for comments... 



looks like a lot of sales are going on below, mabey max pc could get a spam filter for cheap?

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