New Version of Ad-Aware Internet Security (Version 9.5) Now Available for Download



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Ad-Aware pretty much went to hell with the 2007 release IIRC.  Have not used it since.



Upon reading of this updated suite I tested it on my own computer before pushing it to my 10000 subscribers. Thank god I did that. Not impressed at all. Reminds me of Symantec bloat. Slow and kludgy. Don't care if it protects if the cost is such a performance hit. Suggest all to thoughly test this before recomending to others. As with anything, it is relative so some may thing this is great stuff. Not for my users who tend towards dumb as a rock.



Yea horrible software. BLOAT.



I'd like to see Comodo Internet Security included in the mix, as it offers unique features such as TrustConnect and is generally held in high regard.

Kazz made a good suggestion: perhaps you could show a matrix displaying the functionality available by product.  While it is obviously important to the effectiveness of internet security products, it's important to show their differentiating features too.

I'd also very much like to see an article comparing non-antivirus/spyware security products (e.g. IronKey vs EncryptStick).




Any application suite you can find should ALWAYS be included in the roundup.  the bottom few performers don't need a full 5 paragraph writeup, just comment on them briefly and give them a score, so we can make the BEST possible decision with ALL the important information.



Of course, include as many free options as possible. If the software is legetimate and free of charge, it is good to know how it scores against MSE.

I haven't used Ad-Aware in years or Spybot S&D for that matter, I used to love them. Now I wasn't sure they kept being updated.



ide like to see COMODO make the cut for antiviris roundup

adaware seems like it should make the cut also



I see nothing in your article that claims this is an anti-virus product.

That said, I would like to see a technical article, as part of a round-up, that discusses the different utilities for PC protection, their function, and how they may or may not overlap with other protection products.  For instance: what does this product do that AVG's does not? Are there areas of protection where, say, McAfee excels over Norton's package.  If I'm running something like AVG's package, what type of protection am I missing?  Which "protection" products overlap with others and worse, which overlap realtime protection taking away precious processing cycles my PC could use elsewhere?

I think you get the gyst.

Personally, I only use Spywareblaster, Spybot search & destroy, and Microsoft Security Essentials.  How much overlap am I running?  How does running MSE and Spybot's realtime protection affect my net processing power?  What type of protection (other than the obvious firewall) am I missing?

Thanks and I truly hope to see something on this.



I'm always happy to see this one make it into the fray when the freeware apps are evaluated; since I've been using it for quite a few years now on my Windows machines.  So to answer your question, I would like to see it make the cut.



I used to use this along time ago but have since moved on. Does it really do antivirus now? It would be interesting to see where this sits protection wise.



I would like to see more free versions stacked up against one another. I have MS SE and Ad-Awarecurrently running, but I want to make sure I'm fully protected with my choice

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