New Vaio Ps to Ship with Corel InstantON Technology



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Keith E. Whisman

I thought I recognized that thing now that I look closely at it. It's pretty much the palmtop micro mobile PC that Sony was selling in the states back in the 1990's I really wanted one of these things then at around 2000-2001 these things quit selling in the USA and here it's back in 2009. Yes. Guys this is an awesome piece of tech. This is not your ordinary crappy Netbook. But again with the instant on technology hell it should boot a version of Windows instantly using flash memory other than that it's a waste for something like this. But it is good for professionals and the jetset crowd. I wanted one of these back when I was a trucker in the 90's to hook up to a GPS and for tracking my expenses and fuel costs.



Sorry but the spects are too little for that much cash.




Keith E. Whisman

With STR Windows Vista will turn on almost instantly. Just a small charge is required to keep the ram memory going and all is good. I still disagree on this and I stand behind my original judgment that this is just a silly gimmick. And look how much more this limited instant on crap costs it's quite a premium. 

Instead of this crap they could have been spending their research and development money on figuring out how to keep the memory powered up with little drag on the battery. You already have a memory chip in the form of a CMOS chip that keeps it's data with or without power via a batter. The only way your changes are saved is if there is a battery in there. STR works great and should be the instant on technology that everyone is horny for.

You can design a laptop to take advantage of STR and design with a seperate battery from the battery pack that keeps the ram going. It works great on my PC. My PC starts within a few seconds pretty much like that what the VAIO can do in the same amount of time only I have full access to my OS and with the VAIO you only have access to a shitty limited OS. Perhaps if you could use it for downloading drivers but you can do that with a live CD like Ubuntu Live. 

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