New Tests Cast Doubt on FAA Electronics Ban



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I don't think the turning off of electronic devices has anything to do with electronic interference. It is done to ensure that passengers are aware of their surroundings durring the most dangerous part of the flight. This is the same reason why all passengers are asked to open their window shades durring takeoffs and landings. Pilots can't see the entire plane, but passengers can. More than a few times passengers have noticed something wrong with a plane and alerted flight attendants before the pilots were aware of the situation. Fear of electronic intereference may have been the initial reasoning for the ban, but that isn't why it stays in place.



Perhaps it's common knowledge, but why are you only required to turn off devices during take off or landing? How is take off different than mid-air flight?



Whether or not electronics affect the plane,(my opinion is it's B.S.) 

and I fly R/C, so take this as you will, and it's a little over simplified...

The most dangerous times for a plane (and it's passengers) is not when it's high in the air, it's at low altitudes experienced during take off and landing.  Cross winds, mis alignment w/ runway, engine failures experienced at these low altitudes are virtually unrecoverable! 

You are far more likely to stall causing a nose in situation.  Engine & Control failures, though still scary, are more likely to be mitigated high in the air, as you have time to compensate w/ controls by setting necessary trims, varying engines, etc.. and manipulating engine issues by adjusting remaining engine(s) increasing throttle, or attempting to restart it, etc.. 

This is why the hudson pilot was considered a hero for crashing his jet!  he didn't have time to eff around...

The control is counter intuitive, like stearing into a skid...Instead of pulling the nose up and stalling, you nose down until you get to glide speed, while hunting for a place to put down that would minimize casualties.




I can handle turning off my stuff for a while. It isn't really a big deal. At the same time, if it really causes no problems then there should be no ban. One thing they really need to keep in place is absolutely no voice calls while on a plane. I'm stuck in a small room with 100 people for at least a couple of hours. The last thing I want to hear is some jackass fighting with his wife on the phone who is sitting 12 inches from me. Airplane engine noise is more preferable.



I stopped flying unless its for business. The FAA and the airlines can fail for all I care.



i dont depend on electronics 24/7 like every other american. although the Mythbusters done a test on all these "pre-cautions." they even used devices designed to jam the frequencies that the plane's instruments use. NOTHING affected the insturments in anyway. i think they are just on a power trip just like the toolbags that is the TSA



To all the people saying "10 minutes, give me a break, put away your electronic pacifier" I say this...

No. I am no more going to give airlines and the FAA a break on this than I would to anyone else who lies to my face. if you want me to turn something off for 15 minutes in order to conduct your saftey schpeel, fine, say so... Don't tell me "ZOMG TURN IT THE F*** OFF OR THE PLANE WILL FALL OUT OF THE SKY!"



YES! This has nothing to do with how trivial it is to wait 10 minutes before turning on your device. It has everything to do with the rule being complete bullshit. Why are so many willing to happily shut off their brains when told to do stupid, pointless shit?



What does the electric field have to do with the electronics ban? I thought they banned wireless devices because they don't want tons of phones tripping up the towers.


Or are they not letting you use non-wireless devices during the flight?



I can see little evidence that e-readers would create any sort of problem. However, I don't think the FAA wants flight attendants running around trying to determine what type of device each individual is using. That's why I assume they are banned. The argument of having peoples' attention does not really stand up because reading an electronic device or playing a game is basically the same as reading a magazine, or watching TV, for that matter. In the end, I don't see what the big fuss is. It's only 10-15 minutes of your life without your electronics. Give me a break.


Bullwinkle J Moose

You "Can" see little evidence

Show me this evidence!

I see "None"

...that e-readers would create "Any" sort of problem

"Any" sort of problem????

I do not believe they can create "any sort of problem"

I do not believe they create a problem of any sort!


Words have meanings that you should learn before commenting on such an article





Yes, words have meaning. So WTF are you talking about?



WTF, are you having a bad hair day or something?



Wow really?  People are such babies... It's protocol just like every other protocol at work.  So what you can't use your electronic devices for an extra 10 minutes.  Grow up, get a life, and get off your stupid phone for 10 minutes.



This FAA rule is all about keeping the cabin calm and relatively quiet in case of an emergency.

What is funny, though: American Airlines just got permission from the FAA for the flight crew to use iPads for their flight charts and documents.

What EM problem is there again?




If cell phones and other electronics were actually dangerous to the functioning of the plane, they wouldn't just ask you to turn them off, they'd take them away from you or at least do a walk through to make sure they were turned off. Asking people to turn them off on the honor system is the same as saying, "we'd like you to turn them off, but whatever."


As far as eliminating distractions, how many times do I need to see a stewardess demonstrate how to buckle a seatbelt? After one's fourth or fifth flight, they ought to have that figured out. And yes, I can read, I know where the emergency exits are. Please just let me read my book.



The commercial aviation industry is incredibly cautious. It's a big reason why air travel is so safe.

I know the electronics thing is BS, but it's the last thing I really care about. I think there is a risk of certain devices causing problems, but it's mostly an outdated rule.

The biggest danger to this, that I can think of, is once you have a bunch of BS rules, people have less respect for the ones that are there for a reason.



It's probably so people actually pay attention to their safety demonstration and exiting instructions. Fine with me.



What ANYBODY still awake by the time they get to the intricate workings of a seat belt......ZzZzZz



As far as distractrions go, what's the difference between reading on a Kindle and a physical book? The former is banned, while the latter is allowed.



Of course there's little to no evidence that electronic devices are dangerous on airplanes. The FFA is just being cautious and I'm fine with them erring on the side of me not falling out of the sky.



What kind of people cant put down their device and pay attenion for 15 minitues?!  Will 15 mins without your ipod or phone really ruin your life.  Just like those assholes that can't put their phone down at the movies. 

Even if it doesnt bother the plane's communications or avionics. If I was the head of the FAA I would just say, "Turn it off Cause I said so, now sit back and put fucking your seatbelt on." 



Pay attention to what exactly?  The sound of the engines?



the only reason the FAA supports this is because the FAA is as much about supporting the business of the airlines as it is about aircraft saftey, and if everyone had their own cellhones and PDAs on planes, they would not be forced to use the airlines exorbinantly priced competition.



you realize there is no cellphone service at 30,000 feet right? Soon after takeoff you wouldn't be able to use your phone anyway.



huh? what?

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