New Surveillance Software Lets College Students Take Tests at Home



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Hmm, install audio and video monitoring equipment in my home as well as software that completely takes over my computer or spend 15 minutes driving to class to take a test.... yeah thats a hard choice to make. 



I have reviewed this technology extensively and it is far more advanced that the posters are aware.  The camera provides a 360 degree view of the room, so its very easy to see if someone is using 2 computers, there are people in the room etc.

The software that it works with locks down the computer completely.  You cant run it in a virtual machine, or have any virtualization software running while their software is running.  All keyboard shortcuts are also blocked - so alt-tab and the like dont work.



The authentication protocols are good (proof of identity), but University professors long ago solved the problem of "cheating" on tests.  It's called an open-book test.

Observe the brilliance:
1) Allowing all available sources means cheat sheets are just "notes."
2) In real life, you can use the book.  Why not in school, too?
3) Tests are still timed.  Looking up every answer means you probably won't finish.
4) The tests can be harder/more specific.  Recall memory tests limit you to testing general ideas, when in real life you'll have to know how to find the specifics.
5) You can't look up the application of a subject for every problem -- it has to be learned through study and practice.  Good teachers test for application, not simple recall.

OK, so maybe the audio/video will help prove that no one is standing behind them giving them the answers or taking the test after the authentication.  Maybe locking down the Internet stops them from getting help over IM and email -- and maybe Wolfram Alpha if it's a Calculus class.  But cheating by using references?  That just means the professor isn't very good at his job.



Why not just load the test into a virtual machine using Virtual Box, then have all your notes and searchable texts available on the standard desktop as you ALT-TAB your way to success?  I guess if it makes a professor feel better, let them watch the students through a webcam, but there's just no way any of them will spend three hours watching every student type on their computer. 



ok, so there is that software that lets you control 2 computer with 1 keyboard and mouse. You could just use that to look up the answers and on the webcam , it would still look like you were just using one PC.



All the lock-down in the world won't stop the student from using a second PC to look up the answers.




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