New Study Shows Prospective iPad Owners Will Avoid App Store



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Is there any Apple product that any MaximumPC-reader secretly likes?

I think I would secretly like to have one of each, but I know that I am not allowed to say it, so I must join in with the gang and say "yeah, Apple, shove it in your iHole!"

I used to have a laptop with a track ball some time in the first half of the 90s. Something like this: 

You have to give it to them; they've got something. PC is like Chevy, Dodge and Ford - it works good for clearing brush while running for office - but everyone wants a Maserati.


Keith E. Whisman

Not true at all.

We like some mac products. The Mac mini is pretty cool. The Mac Book Pro is pretty awesome as well and there aren't many people here that doesn't love the Ipod Classic and Touch. So there are Mac products that are liked by us. It's just the bs commercials and the total control Apple keeps over its products that rub us wrong and the specs for the Ipad just plain suck. 


Keith E. Whisman

Should also point out that perspective Ipad owners are fucking retards.



Ha oh my god. that is hilarious, and 100 percent true.



Double post for some reason.



If Adobe or anyone else makes this device to be compatible with PS

and I am able to use brushes with my finger (and zoom in by pinching)

then I will definetely buy this product.

It would make my Photo Editing process so much more simpler

that it would pay itself in no time.



 And with it's pathetic storage space, lack of connection options or expansion slots for additional storage, and very low performance power, your photoshop will just ZOOOM along! You won't even know you're using a glorified iPod touch!


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



They are all probably waiting for the jailbreak crack for the ipad.



**  Insert  Please Stop Posting Apple-Related Stories  pissy post here **


 This is great news.  'Happy to watch the incremental complete failure that this product will become play out in real time. Very entertaining



I have no interest in owning an Apple iPad. I see specs, not brands. lol

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