New Study Says Pirates are Biggest Music Buyers; Labels Unconvinced



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Hi, my name is Darryl and I am a pirate. I download media using P2P software. I also rent movies, BUY Blu-Rays, music CD's, vinyl, software, video games, blank media and digital content. I also go to the movie theater around 4 times a month, including in the winter when shit movie after shit movie is being released. I don't think I'm much different then most "pirates". The RIAA is and will lose the war on piracy. They should stop wasting money on attacking their customers and worry about serving them better.



You can also get DRM free download music from Amazon. Most individual songs are the same price as other websites, but you can buy most albums for like $10



well, someone did have to "buy" it to end up sharing it. i kinda blame music channels like MTv and VH1 (when they used to play music), because they promote the heck out of ONE song, only because it has a music video (usually). if they probably promoted songs from the entire album instead of the one song, i think i'd be more apt to buying the entire album, and not downloading one or 2 songs from it. artists should not be paid super-duper amounts, either. if they think their music is teh shiznit, shouldn't they be promoting it themselves anyways? over-hyping a song and flooding a music station doesn't get me to buy it. guess the album it isn't good enough to be bought, i guess. though some hand-signed, super-duper collections (if you own them) are priceless now. 

one song does not validate a great purchase if i don't like the rest of the album. that "NOW THAT'S MUSIC ##" CD compilation series seems to be a good deal, however if you like that music.



So, the RIAA getting a cut of all of my blank CD's is still okay? They don't make anough money from that? Aww, pookems :(       -Denis

 Oh, and pirated music is DRM free, stop screwing over the paying customers. (i know why its there, but piracy will happen anyway)

 Why does this remind me of Sony? "We'll sell you blank Cassettes, tape recorders with that imfamous red "record" button and room for 2 tapes, and tapes with music on them... just dont push that red button."



This situation is very sad; I don't understand at all why people steal

I hope this does not affect the lawsuits in terms of more innocent verdicts.

Because I see no reason why the music industry would not stop hunting down those
that illegally downloading music - it is EXACTLY the same thing as going to a warehouse
containing newly made CD's and stealing them.

Everyone who pirates anything is a thief and should be punished as such, IF



Yes, it's stealing, but I wouldn't say it's like breaking into a warehouse and stealing newly made CD's.  I would say it's more like the CD's are lying all over the ground right out in the open and you happen to pick them up.  Kind of like when you find money on the floor, yeah it's stealing, but it's not like you broke into a bank and took money.  I hate to sound like I'm condoning stealing, but I really see it as a more convenient way to get DRM free music.  The reason I used to download music is because of convenience.  Many times I didn't want to pay an expensive price for an entire CD when I only wanted a few songs.  Also, if I bought it online there were restrictions.  I hated that because I didn't want to have to remember how many times I've burned a song or that I couldn't put it on more than one iPod.

 However, now iTunes sells DRM free music and makes it really easy for me to buy.  I can even use Paypal to purchase through iTunes so I don't have to use my credit card number.  So, now I buy through iTunes.

You say stealing, I say it's a matter of getting what I want, how I want it, and when I want it.  I'm just glad iTunes finally realized they could make a lot more money if they just sold the songs and let me use them how I wish.



"Boohoo. We're only making  ungodly amounts of profits off the backs of the people who actually do the work instead of ridiculously ungodly amounts of profits off the backs of people who actually do the work."


I Jedi

If what the BI Norwegian School of Management says is remotely true, then wouldn't the RIAA want to take a look into this study, conduct their own studies, and gather studies from others to verify rather or not these results are true or not? To me, it only makes sense to check this out and see if its remotely true. If so, then the case against illegal music sharing just got a bit more interesting, eh? Like the article says, out of 1,900 individuals, a lot of them bought ten times more the amount of music than they stole at the end... Are they loosing revenue? Possibly. But with 1,900 people buying ten fold that of which they steal, then the profits outweigh the loss, don't you think? Maybe I'm just retarded, but if I were the RIAA, I would definitely check this out, rather than be all knowing and saying, “No, this can't be!"




They assume that the only viable reason for revenue dropping is download consumption. It's probably affecting revenue, but what about other issues? It couldn't be... say... shitty music, bad economy, overpriced CD's, used CD sales, and digital music services?

If I'm going to buy a physical CD, it will be used. I just want to hear the music at the lowest price.



The study is not saying that they legally purcahsed 10x more than what they pirated, but that they purchase 10x more than those who do not pirate. With that in mind, it's still possible they pirate more than what they actually buy, which I would say is probably the case.

Still I think the RIAA could work with this, seeing that pirates purchase more than your average Joe who doesn't pirate. I think it's all about content delivery (like Steam's strategy). If the price is right, and you make it easier to purchase than it would to pirate it, I think there would be a whole lot less pirating. Really, I think people are willing to pay for the ease of availability, moreso than for the actual product.



I have no doubt they pirate more than they buy, but that still requires the assumption that people would actually buy all the music they download. Bandwidth is (mostly) free, so people just download whatever, especially crap they would never buy.

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