New Study Puts America at Number 1 in Business Broadband



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Eva Grainy

These kind of studies are interesting to find out where is your country placed in the top of consumer behavior reflected in technology. This is an as aspect services keep in mind when working for you as a business or website owner. It takes a lot of work to analyze the public`s characteristics and figure out general stuff of main interest for them, so as to get to them on matters they look up and care about the most.


Keith E. Whisman

I just had a subscription filled at a Cigna Clinic pharmacy and I paid with my credit card. I swiped my card and entered my information and would you know my surprise when I heard the sound of a modem dial in and do the analog tone modem speak at around 56K. 56K modems are still alive and well. 




That is sad, but I believe it. Not every store or company has a network, let alone a secure one. Trying War Driving and see how many unsecured wireless networks you will find! There maybe legal issues to War Driving. I am not saying that YOU SHOULD, but if you do you will see that their are a lot. People need to take a stand and secure their wireless before something stupid happens.

Most I believe use DSL. 


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