New Soprano Case from Thermaltake is "Plain Yet Sophisticated"



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I hope it's not too much. I want to get this for my dad, he's the classical type. It'll match the living room. ^^



I really like the look(of the black, not feeling the white), and my last TT case had excellent build quality, but the cooling performance was sub-par...

I'd have to see the thermal testing results before I'd consider dropping cash on this.

I would really like to see someone make Itx versions of these clean and quiet cases :)



It very much reminds me of the old Thermal Take Tsunami Dream case that I built my p4 system in and when it dies built a sandy bridge system in.

They also made the Tsunami in black as well.



Ohh yeah, good catch looks like they just hit the original design drawing with an eraser to clean up the lines a bit :)



the gray aluminum with the wite case looks fugly



Price remaining unknown, I personally like the aesthetics. It is exactly as they intended with a simple elegance that involved modern functionality. No interior layout pics do leave me wondering exactly how functional it is on the inside, but I'd imagine with the experience Thermaltake brings they'd not have made it unmanageable. Based on specs along, I'd say this is a great alternative to the monster full tower cases currently being pushes, and the simple look of it allows for expansive modding as well.

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