New Software Will Restrict Cell Phone Use While Driving



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When thinking about the potential benefactor in having a
program, such as this, being added to our cell phones, I think it’s a smart
idea. I think so because of the fact that it cannot only save hundreds if not
thousands of dollars in car damages, but also save lives.

However, I also have to look at it from a personal standpoint
here. This program will potentially block all incoming calls to a cell phone
that are on the road and only prompting the driver if there is an emergency phone
call. I feel that this time it is a company, rather than government, that is
trying to make life safer while trying to restrict our freedom to exercise our
right to use or not use a cell phone whenever we wish. Regardless of rather or
not state or Federal law provides that a cell phone can or cannot be used while
on the road.

All in all, I have mixed feelings about this new software
because I see its potential in saving lives, but I also see it as a more
personal threat to my freedom to choose when I can or cannot use a cell phone
at my own leisure. Who’s to say that state or Federal law may someday require
that this software be implemented and used while driving on the road, rather
than have it be a choice between using it and not using it?

As long as this technology stays in the grey area that it is
in now, then I see no harm in it and strongly encourage people to use it to not
only save on money, but also help reduce the potential loss of life.

However, even if this quote is not the same thing, its
meaning still means the same in a sense.

“No security without freedom.”  unknown  


neo1piv14's already law in my city that you can't talk on your phone while you drive. It's between a 100 and 200 dollar fine if they catch you. So if I'm not allowed to talk on the damn thing, I might as well get an insurance break for following one more law.






For the record, I drive like crap when I'm trying to talk with my phone in my hand, but have no problem whatsoever when using my bluetooth headset.  I'd like to see some links to these "studies" that people are always throwing around which conveniently back up their point of view.

Studies show that sending $1000 to my personal paypal account will lower your insurance rates, make your car get 20% better gas mileage and cause you to live 30 years longer.  If you want I can even put together a webpage with some charts to prove it.

SHOW ME THE STUDIES Alex Castle!  Yeah, I'm talking to you!  You posted this article; you have the power to link to these spurious "studies" which I assume you read in full and did not just make up or hear about from a friend.  You had the power to spell "recieve" wrong in the second paragraph even though your computer must certainly have a spell checking program so you can certainly do this.




The article says "the greatest risk comes from the very act of talking . . ."  I propose that national insurance agencies also provide discounts to thoe who have no friends or who promise to never carpool again!



Just turn your phone off. You look like a douche, drive like a freak and don't make anyone happier. I think there was a study that said that people get more angry over cell phonies than people speeding or something...? Anyways, what's the point, half the time your driving to where the person you want to talk to is.



Its called turn the ringer off and don't answer your phone.  IF you have VM it will go directly there after it rings.  And the call missed log should show the number if its not blocked.  Why would anyone use this?




For a discount, yes I'd use it. Besides, for all you public transportation people, I'm pretty sure that there's just a button that would turn it on and off, so you're in luck as are passengers in a car. Besides, if you really had to make an honest to goodness emergency call, you should be allowed to turn it off to make that call (though stopping is still the better idea). I like the idea.



A simple ON/OFF switch instead of a speed sensor would've gotten the job done



I would definitely not use this software, but I definitely would tell my insurance company I was for a discount.  Since the real threat is apparently talking, do you think I could get a 25% discount for wearing a ball gag while I drive?  Will my passergers also have to don ball gags for the discount?



What about public transit? Buses, trains, subways, etc? They frequently move at or above automobile speeds. You gonna stop me from using my phone on those, DriveAssistT?

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