New Site "Hunch" Wants to Know All About You



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This is a mistake, the internet should not be personalized...its too open and unsecured. Want to know how to get personalized movie or music recommendations? Decide what genre you like, goo to a music/ movie/ mp3 site and pick a genre you like - there you go. Thats about as personal as it should be. People are nuts to put so much personal data on the net. They're just askin to get screwed over by any of the innumerable spiders and con artists.

And even if its "not much more than Facebook already knows..." Its not a good idea to allow your information to be multiplied across the net on different sites. The more you do this the more likely you are to get screwed or scammed.



Umm... how exactly is this going to lead to you getting scammed? Go through the path for me, because I'm really not seeing it. All you're putting in is info about what you like to do for fun, what you surf for on the web, etc. There's nothing personal about it. Don't be so darn paranoid, and give it a try before you go on a psycho freakout.

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