New Security Rules May Ban All Electronics on Inbound U.S. Flights



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I can see it now...


"Due to the recent security threat, the TSA has now banned all humans from commercial flights. TSA officials tell us that flights where no passengers or luggage are allowed greatly increase safety. Airlines are reporting an added benefit from the new rules, increased fuel economy due to the reduction in weight on all flights."



and be done with everything



Airport Security is to terrorists as DRM is to Hackers.




While hardly suprising, it's overkill as well. If you're worried about people blowing crap up with electronics, maybe they should ask us to remove batteries from our portable devices (save for integrated ones) and provide all of us with an AC outlet at our seat to power our stuff sans battery. If something has to require the use of a battery (ie. MP3 Player), then the airline should provide you with one that they know that no one's fucked around with. Don't know what else to say.

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Plain and simple you "DON'T NEED" things that have batteries when on a plane. Read a good book. Take a nap. Talk to your neighbor. There are plenty of things to do. This stuff about i have to have my laptop,cell phone,gameboy,MP3 player,portable DVD player. Is whack you "DON'T NEED" them you will get there just fine without them.



WOAH, talk to your neighbor? PLEASE don't promote that.



 Tell that to the Corprate CEO brining a project to a meetingwith UK partners "sorry you don't NEED that laptop."

"ok they don't need it on the FLIGHT" you say.


To which i counter, "do you really want to trust a two thounsand dollar laptop to the cargo hold when they already loose your socks?"

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QUINTIX256 on flights where required to be trained in the use of and carry firearms?

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.



When cell phones start taking down airplanes, maybe then I'll grant some kind of stricter restrictions.  Until then, it's just a pointless exercise to prove that people are busy.



Typical knee-jerk reaction. How about you just ban passengers from all inbound flights - oh wait...



The restrictions now being implemented are nothing more than security theatre.  They will give the appearance of greater security without actually making things any safer.

In the US, it's possible and common for drugs to get into maximum security prisons.  With this in mind, realize that if someone really wants to bring down a plane, it's going to come down regardless of the security measures put into place.



Proof that American's don't even know what they're afraid of nowadays. How about checking to see if the phone functions, and if it has been tampered with. If the phone has been opened, denie it to them and have someone on the plane put it in a sealed bag, and with the persons name and some form of ticket or something, and all they need to do is go to a flight attendant right in the terminal outside the doors who will give the item to you according to name, Photo ID and ticket number. Doesn't that make more sense than saying "no you can't have electronics on a plane" Who's to say that buddy what's his name over there's book isn't made of plastic explosive pages or some shit.



I could make all sorts of comments about this but I'm going to say this....

Why? Some guy smuggles explosives and a syringe on a plane, making it through all that "security", only to reinforce my idea that the whole point of airport security is just an exercise in stupidity.

So what do they do? Ban electronics! "And because the so called land of the free still had too much freedom, we're going to perform body searches on eneryone. They're not going to talk back, because if they do, we can just call them a terrorist, and detain them, and shove cameras up their @$$; it's all just to make you fell safe."

People need to have the power to yell "No! **** that ****!" whenever something stupid like this happens.

That's why I love to watch riots in Iran. I actually see citizen of a country standing up against something, which is something most others are afraid to do.



Rather than worrying about somebody's "Nintendo DS of imminent doom" (does 5d6 damage to boredom!), how about we focus on people sneaking explosives and weapons onto flights, be they inbound or outbound...


I know, that idea is HIGHLY controversial and I'm likely being monitored by homeland security this very moment for suggesting that they do their jobs, but I'm just a radical like that!

I'm a heck of a lot less concerned about somebody's iPod or laptop than I am about the person suspicously covering themselves with a blanket, yet making smoke and a fire with an explosive substantce which both the authorities and the reporters interviewing them have confirmed as PETN, the same thing that Richard Reid, aka the "Shoe Bomber", was attempting to use and that the screeners are SET UP TO DETECT!


Someone needs to call this fiasco precisely what it is, a screener (or SEVERAL) in Amsterdam dropped the ball in epic fashion (the flight was inbound from Amsterdam to Detroit). Not only should the screener be fired with extreme haste, but potential prosecution for negligence in their duty should be considered. Literally hundreds, if not possibly thousands including the potential havoc that could be wrought to those on the ground as well, could have their lives endangered all because someone wanted to take a coffee break while letting this militant fanatic through with little more than a metal detector wave.


Scan people for metals AND explosives.



The whole thing now is just an exercise of fear and stupidity!

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