New, Powered-Up USB Spec In Development



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they included extra juice ability in usb 3 but it fell short imo. If it could at least power 3.5" external hdds it would give people compelling reason to adopt it. Knowing this feature will be far away in future .... meh. I just hope that this doesn't become part of the core specs and get included in every usb ports. Also it better not require additional hardware / cpu cycles to manage. If that's the case usb will be committing suicide.



What the interface *may* be rated to handle/provision in the future has more to do with a specialized off-shoot application AND top-end rating than anything remotely conceived/developed for the consumer market in the real world.  Are you guys seriously down with this stuff anymore?

This is just another blatant (and feeble) editorial-ionista piece from the guys who spoon feed you this type of cr*p on a daily basis.  Just ask Paul.............. Samsung and Seagate mistakenly substituted in the same SHORT piece covering hybrids?  Multiple times?

Quit with the energy drinks for crying-out-loud.




"Enables higher voltage and current in order to deliver power up to 100W"


...and all of a sudden that kilowatt power supply is underpowered.



This seems like a cool idea until your USB port accidentally lets the magic smoke out of your smartphone or electrocutes someone.  I think low power connections are better for data transfer, and I personally prefer them that way.  How many people use their fingers to find their ports?  Running my fingers past a wall outlet doesn't make me fear an unexpected shock, but USB ports are significantly more exposed.


I Jedi

I think the lesson here is that no matter what "specs" we are currently drooling over for, there is always something new and exciting on the horizon. I wants my USB 3.0 now, though! I'm still planning to hold out for USB 3.0, just until Intel gets off its ass and supports it.

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