New Plextor External CD/DVD Drive Connects To TVs, Too



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This fills a MAJOR need of mine.  I have literally thousands of DVDs and CDs filled with XviD and Mkv, as well as regular DVD-Video discs.  I'd like to be able to just plug a USB DVD drive into my Asus Transformer tablet's USB ports in the keyboard dock - instead of having to copy the data off a disc I want to take on a trip, then copy it to my USB hard drive.  Currently Android can't access DVD or CD drives through USB, although you can access hard drives, mice, keyboards, and gamepads.

I wonder about playing DVD-Video discs in this way, that would make this a must-purchase for me. 

Yes, I should just rip all my DVD-Video discs to XviD, but I have a lot and that would be a pain.  I'd like the ability to just throw a disc in and play it - would give my tablet one of the very few advantages that a PC laptop still has over it.



'eternal hard drives'?

I didn't know they lasted forever. 


Brad Chacos

Apparently kicking your ex to the curb is good for your health!

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