New Phone Scam Targets Computer Users



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I've received this call twice now. The first time I strung the guy along so long, that he ended up hanging up. The second call, the person did their opening speech and was laughing. When I asked what was so funny, they hung up.


I think next time I'll ask if they like fish sticks...



Hate to really state the obvious but please don't rely on caller identification, because it is quite easy to "spoof" it; and almost make one appear that one of the Pioneer satellites is calling from outside of the solar system. Basically one can sppof a number and also any of the other identifying info to make it appear they are literally anyone.



We have had loads of people in our shop come in asking about this exact thing - it's been happening for the past few months. A majority of the people that came in had actually fallen for it and we'd had to clear their machines of all kinds of viruses and told them to cancel their credit cards, keep an eye out on their bank accounts and change their passwords for pretty much every account they care about, quite a few had told us that they'd actually had a lot of money withdrawn from their account and had to claim it back. I got the call at home about a month ago, and actually decided to play with the guy, asking him all sorts of questions and acting all scared, then I just went nuts and screamed at him. I wanted to have an argument with him, but sadly he just hung up. I hate these kinds of people.



You could always not pick up when you do not recognize the caller id and not expecting anyone to call. If it's that important, they will leave a message.



Not everyone has caller ID. Most should as it seems to be a service offered by a lot of companies now a days.



x2...and such a simple concept. :)



I second what someuid said. I also have not been called in years on my personal phone. When contacted on my business phone I give no information, tell them to Put me on their do not call list and just hang up. If there is ever a real reason to think it is a legit call, hang up and call the company back.



Between the FTC's Do Not Call List, and the great words "Put me on your do not call list" (which is the only phrase the law protects - "take me off your list" isn't protected), and I haven't been contacted by a telemarketer in YEARS.

Occassionally I'll be over at someone's house and they are still getting telemarketter calls.  I tell them all about what I said above, but they seem to just be so used to it, my advice goes in one ear and out the other.  Guess they deserve what they get.

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