New Nvidia Drivers Add Support for GeForce GTS 250



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I've got a mobiity 9500gs, i hope they've got a couple updats for that, i've had windows vsta home x64 Blue Screen me and tell me my video card stopped working.



I have a GTX 280 with Vista x64, and it's blue screened a few times on me, with the video card drivers to blame. I think it's the general bug that nvidia's 64 bit drivers are unstable. It's the one thing that ATI has over them by far.



I certainly would hope nobody is considering investing in a dual 8600gt setup. Those cards suck, each slower than a 7600gt. 9600GSO cards are decent though, considerng you can find them for ~$50 after rebates. Personally, I just bought a Radeon HD 4830 for $65, if I need more power I'll get another one.

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