New Norton Public Betas Now Available, Compatible with Windows 8.1



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I agree that Norton had a long stretch of crappy software. However, starting with NAV & NIS 2008, they fixed what was broken. I've had it since, and for my PCs, I won't use anything else. It doesn't suck up system resources, it stops everything cold, and it's Smart Firewall is great. Just my $0.02.



It was actually the 2009 release that was completely rewritten from the ground up with a focus on speed. Ever since, Norton's been one of the best performing AV applications around, running lean enough to even install on netbooks (remember those?). And it scored high marks yet again in our most recent AV roundup.

As Symantec is finding out, however, shaking a bad reputation is hard to do, especially among diehard users who aren't quick to forgive.



Hahahahaha in the 2 years Ive owned my windows 7 custom computer I havent once used anything but windows defender and have not once had any virus issues. Antivirus is a fraud



I had mcafee once, but the computer it was on was destroyed by a virus.

now I use Norton and it blocks EVERYTHING. I will gladly pay for Norton until the day I die. people that knock it really don't know what they are talking about. it is the ONLY internet security I trust.



Kill it with fire!



I switched from Norton products a couple of years ago after having major problems with them.Purchased Webroot Secure Anywhere and never looked back since.



Wouldn't touch anything from Norton or Symantec with a 5 foot pole if they paid me, lol.



Every time I read post about a Norton product around here most of the comments seem to echo this but yet Maximum PC keeps giving Norton products Kick Ass review scores,1

Are the readers around here still judging Norton based upon their products from 10 years ago or is it the Maximum PC writers who are out of touch?



Norton Internet Security Suite 2012 is what i use and it does the job. I understand why people hated it 10 years ago but i dont really understand it now.


Led Weappelin

I don't understand why people keep knockin' Norton. I agree with the post above, they were horrible 10 years ago. I know because I used it. And I switched to something else. But 5 years ago or so I bought a PC that had Norton 360 installed on it so I went with it. It was awesome and the new Norton is even better. I never know it's running in the background and for me it's done it's job well with no problems. I re-up my subscription every year.

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