New Nook to be Full Color?



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Bookseller Barnes & Noble has launched their newest e-reader. Nov. 19 is the target shipping date for the NookColor. This new e-reader crosses the lines between tablet computer and e-reader.



Staring at any lcd tech for long periods is bad for the eyes glossy or matted. eink has true promise as an alternative to ink on paper. To have a color version of this would be not only benefit ereaders but also any portable devices like smartphones and tablets. I believe someone has already successfully attached an eink display to an android device and it works great although it's only black and white. 



I can not read a book on an iPad. After 15 minutes or so a glossy screen gets old. For pure e book reading I am always amazed at how much a Kindle screen looks like high quality paper and print. The Kindle is plain and simple, an elegant e book reader, not a web surfer, not a game player but a really good e book reader, no matter the ambient lighting.



Putting color into an eBook reader will really blur the distinction between it and a tablet.  Unless they're going to use some breakthrough color eInk, the SIGNIFICANTLY reduced battery life of any other color display technology would motivate me to get a much more functional tablet PC instead.


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