New Netflix Subscriptions Hits Record High



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I Jedi

I don't like the business practice here because I enjoyed the fact that I could get a DVD that I wanted to see very promptly after release; however, I think that the majority of people here are missing the point: Netflix is a business, not your friend. They offer a service, which you can either take or leave.

Personally, if you are unwilling to buy the DVD after release then simply wait a month till after the title is available on Netflix. Either that, or go to your local Block Buster store (if one still exist) and rent the damned thing. The movie industry has a right to protect its profits the way they see fit. We do NOT have to agree with it, as I do not, but we did not spend the millions of dollars to create these high-quality films that we so enjoy for a flat fee every month from Netflix. Anyone who thought that Netflix would always be that "good online rental store" is and will always be a fool.

 Netflix's business model is based on the idea that people want to watch OLD movies, such as movies from the 90's and lower. Personally, I simply watch T.V. series, as I am watching the entire series of the X-Files right now, whilst renting ONE new movie from them every so often. Again, Netflix's model was solely based on the idea that the end-consumer would want to watch more older movies ALONG with newer movies. Their DVD collection is way, way too massive for even 20 Block Buster stores to hold... Point and being, there is a Red Box around the corner. Quit complaining, or do something about it.



Hell ya I love those red boxes!

Gotta love renting movies outside of a 7-11 at 3 in the morning drunk as all get out. 



Yes they grew because they offered EVERYONE free trials, as a 12 month member, I have had over 10 movies in the QUE many times and they wont ship them(they are all out) and when you call, they told me Warner Bros. forced them to wait 4 weeks so they could increase sales of new movies in the stores. I told the rep. that all the movies in my QUE was not by Warner Bros. Many had been out over 12 WEEKS. And when I asked what was I paying for and not getting movies(2 in the last month), I was told "well you are paid up till THIS DATE, you cancel before then if you like." HOWS THAT FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!



Considering how long "Inglourious Bastards" and "Hurt Locker" have been sitting at the top of my queue, it's pretty obvious Netflix is oversubscribed.

Great job on the Warner Bros. "delay," BTW. They're basically guaranteeing more piracy.



OH, OH, how long do you think it'll take before they screw up thier success? Blockbuster B&M used to be the best thing ever until their success went to their head and they started cutting back on the amount of days a movie could be out and increasing their fees across the board. They saw that they could nickel and dime/screw their customer base and did it. It cost them dearly, I'm happy. Comcast is next on my sights of companies abusing their customers. I crave the day another company comes in and offers comparable services at cheaper rates.

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