New MvixBOX NAS Dishes Out 2TB of Web-Enabled Media Streaming



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Speaking of linux boxes, I set up a FreeNAS box at work a year or so ago, it has 2x 500gb drives, using rsync to backup the primary to the secondary nightly, boots off a CD and stores the config on an old 512mb USB flash drive.  When it comes time to update I just burn a new live CD, backup the config to my workstation, swap the CD out and reboot.  Its a pretty sweet little system, I really dig FreeNAS.  It has tons of features, including a torrent client which I have never actually messed with haha.




looks fairly impressive piece... with so many loaded features.

I think the key here is that all this is preconfigured and ready to go. Yes, you can do a build from scratch - but by the time you count all the applications, time and troubleshooting time... it will be well beyond this price.

I picked one up from ($239) ... waiting for it to be delivered soon.

These things are selling on Amazon and as well.



Pretty nifty little box, but I'd rather build my own Linux server. A little Celeron-based machine would cost about what this does with drives, and has a helluva lot more functionality.




and itslot loads....niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice

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