New Microsoft Office Software Sticks Head in Cloud, Gets Social



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Seriously does everything have to be social?



No, but in Office it makes sense.

How many times have you written something in Office Word that was for your eyes only and was never printed or emailed off to somebody else?

You've also obviously never used Outlook or Sharepoint in an enterprise environment where "social" is the name of the game.

They're just making it easier to share and collaborate.



I tough Microsoft Word and Excel (IMO, the two programs people really use) were about creating documents, not about getting 20Gb disk space online + another useless email + 60 minutes Skype. This "Living Social" nonsense is absurd.

I think you are wrong accusing anybody of never using an email client (and a bloated one, may I say) in an enterprise environment because "in an enterprise environment 'social' is the name of the game". You really led propaganda mold you to all that living social cra...ze.

Anyway, I prefer writing my documents in Scribus (, a free DTP. It's been long since I stopped fighting Microsoft (other) awkward limitations and un-features. (Ever tried inserting a table in a frame? not allowed. In time Microsoft Invented... Floating Tables! duh. Still no tables inside frames. I guess Microsoft eventually gave up with this un-feature because it made them look dumb next to html.)



Haha MS Outlook is WAY more than an email client. There's a reason Outlook is only included in the professional versions of the Office suite and not in the basic "Home And Student" suite. It's literally the "social" front-end to a Microsoft Windows Server based IT infrastructure in an enterprise environment.

You guys are actually the ones who are really letting propaganda mold your understanding of the whole "social craze". "Social" is a much broader technology term than solely referring to Facebook and Twitter. "Social" is simply the idea of sharing and/or collaborating a piece of digital media between two or more people.

As such, the implementation of the term "social" in regards to sharing a semi-private photo album over Facebook, compared to a public discussion of a news article on Reddit, compared to the private collaboration of a document through Microsoft Office, are all completely different.

The implementation of "social" in Microsoft Office is about scheduling appointments or meetings with your colleagues through Outlook and attaching a Word document as a prerequisite read. And allowing multiple colleagues to work and collaborate on the same PowerPoint presentation at the same time in real-time while discussing the changes by voice over Lync at the same time, and then uploading that presentation to Sharepoint so that everyone at the entire company can view it securely. And submitting a first draft of an Excel spreadsheet to multiple colleagues through Outlook, and then being able to see exactly who made what revisions/comments/proposals at what times, all while keeping track of version control and deadlines through Outlook.

All of this has been possible and is actually being used in some form or another by millions in enterprise environments with the capital and ability to maintain expensive Microsoft Windows Server based IT infrastructures. What Microsoft is trying to do with Office 2013 is move all of this to the cloud, such that the common consumer can access these same features on their own devices without the need for thousands of dollars worth of server hardware and software to do so.

That's why you get 20GB of SkyDrive storage. By storing your documents in the cloud, you can invite anybody you want to collaborate on the same document as you at the same time. You can also switch to your office computer or notebook and have the document perfectly synced automatically without having to copy it to a USB stick or download it from your email account. Or you can share an Excel Spreadsheet through SkyDrive to your family, and if you notice a typo in the spreadsheet you can fix it and everybody you've shared it with will automatically get the updates without you requiring to email them a new copy. And you can also open any of your documents on any computer or device even if it doesn't have MS Office compatible software by opening it through the SkyDrive web based Office products.

Also, you don't have to make a new "useless email" if you don't want. You can use any existing email account as your Microsoft Account login credentials. I can't really comment on the table inside a frame thing, I've never had to do anything like that. Although, it sounds like that sort of thing would be better handled by OneNote.



Thanks for the tutorial. For most business I know (small, large, and huge), Microsoft Office means Word + Excel (Stop! this time don't write another tutorial. I know there is more to this suite.) Everything else is added layers of unnecessary digital management.

From your enterprise point of view, you are right, this environment could* facilitate productivity. Yes, they are making it easier to share and collaborate. If that works for you, fine.

I still believe it is wrong accusing anybody of not understanding all this connectivity just because —according to you— the only way to really grasp the concept is in an enterprise environment.

* In my experience, it always ends in one or two people doing the real work, and a bunch of leeches and slugs holding to them. (Maybe you experience is different.) I know what this connectivity really means, it is not propaganda that has molded my opinion.



New Micro$oft Office Sticks Head.............where??



New office from MS , wowwwww

must try this at ur own

official 64-bit download here

official 32-bit here




Honestly Fuck Minimal UIs they're horded and useless, make nice neat and COMPACT UIs you know what really bugs me? when IE9 doesn't have title bar integration and you have loads of wasted space Chrome and Firefox? no problem its integrated and saves lots of space. Want all your documents and settings Synced over ALL Devices? Save it in fucking dropbox then you can get it from you Unix, BSD, Linux AND Windows Device!!! Skydrive? Puff only for Windows maybe Unix if MS thinks it can make enough money off it.

Windows8 is a FANTASTIC OS SUPER SPEED Boots FPS boosts all over the place loads of usefull tools like system Refresh, But MS since you feel the need to change every thing around you got this Shit called Metro you're revamping every thing for no fucking reason. I can't wait to let my Mother have a crack at it since she can't stand Linux because it doesn't have "Windows Explorer" LMAO.

FUCK!!!! /rant over



The interface is horrid; it looks like something out of Windows 3.1 (don't believe me? It felt like my eyes were being bleached just looking at the screenshots.

The new addon system is also a walled garden. Again, no thanks. I prefer my software to do what I tell it to do, not what Microsoft tells it to do.



If you think this:

looks nicer and is more effective than this:

then you've lost your god damn mind.



The actual Office 2013 preview is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH uglier than the screenshot (that actually looked fairly nice, though I don't care for the white background). It seems that they went out of their way to get rid of the nice gradients, and put in really drab icons. That guy has not lost his mind at all - 2013 has the worst theme I've ever seen. I like the ribbon, but I will EASILY take Office 2003 over 2013 simply because of how ugly 2013 is.

Take a look, and decide which looks better:
2013: (yes, I used a GIF on purpose to show that the colors are so drab and boring, that you don't notice any loss in quality when limited to 256 colors)



I just installed the Office 2013 Preview and you're right! I can't believe it! They actually made it look worse!

I'm 100% behind the idea of Metro, that is the original "Metro Theory" Microsoft started way back with Media Center and Zune. A purely digital interface, no fake glass or brushed aluminium or any of that crap, and big clear text that puts the emphasis on the actual content of the application and not to gimmicky interface elements. The original Zune desktop software for example is beautiful and functional. But now it seems they're overdoing this over simplicity look. I agree with cutting out the fake glass, it provides no function and just makes text less clear. But what's wrong with gradients in some cases? It just makes for a better separation of elements and an easier transition for your eyes.

They have the right idea to make Windows 8 and Office 2013 gorgeous, but they're just butchering it. So close, yet so far.

I mean look how much better these mock-ups look compared to what we're actually getting from Microsoft:


John Pombrio

Why does all things digital eventually end up in the kitchen? What is it about networked fridges, online recipes on netbooks, Samuel Jackson with Siri, and now MS OFFICE that has everyone hanging about in the damn kitchen? Don't they have OFFICES any more?



I am in the minority here and I know it.

I don't like minimal interfaces, I think they are ugly. I don't like to be connected to everything as I value my privacy and I don't think every company needs to know everything I do. I don't need a subscription based office, Libre Office does everything I need it to do and it's free. I really don't want touch, as I hate a screen with smears all over it. I wear glasses and am constantly cleaning them because of smears and what not that always seems to get on them, I don't want to do the same to my monitor.

With every new device, and every new OS, or programme they want us connected to more and more online services and companies. This is the sound of freedom and privacy dieing, with thunderous applause as people line up for the next always on, always connected device or programme.

Sorry, just don't see the need for everything to be connected and social.
/End Rant



Sign me up for the minority then, it's at least nice to know you're not the only one. In complete agreement with you.



Thank you, it is nice to know I am not alone on this line of thinking. Sadly, my children think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread (everything connected, always on, and social). But they are kids still and don't realize what they give up to have that.

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