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Microsoft isn't a PC since they actually don't make any PC parts, just the software to run it...and trying to run eveything else too. But at least it's an american company...

Bill Gates could try something like this. "Hi, I'm a multi-billion dollar corporate ower. I couldn't write a line of code to save my life. But hey, look at the bright side. At least you can pirate any versions of windows you like becuase you still have to use my other software products. And let's face it, if you wanted a stable, reliable, working OS you would use Unix. But what fun is that? And on top of that could you imagine what a PC would look like without windows? Green screens with 45 minute load times for a game thats 24k in size....oooh, squares, and don't forget to turn on the speaker inside the case."

Bill please stop dressing like you're still one of us. Loose the glasses and that polo shirt so sloppily shoved under that pull over sweater. And for the name of mercy get a haircut, and cost cutters dosen't count. You're not fooling us. With that much money you can "own" humans. Certificate of ownership with a copyright protected key, I mean title of authenticity. Have wild sex and relax a little.

People need to remember the fundamental basic of microsoft. They are a world sized buissnes out to make money first and the product second.



Even though I'd never suggest that he's ever actually done it years due to his position...   Bill Gates could definitely write a line or two of code back in his day.  And in much more primitive (read: low level) languages than 90% of developers today are used to.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be a Gates fan or anything...  But to say he couldn't write a line of code to save his life is just patently false.



I'm all for attacking those snobby apple commercials but this Sean Siler guy seems like a complete jackass.

Listen up Sean (and I'm pissed that u have the same name as me)

1) Ferret Joke NOT FUNNY

2) Rolling eyes at question in a "humorous" manner NOT HUMOROUS

3) Listening to real users NOT HELPING YOUR CASE



Someone in marketing should let Mr. Gates know that you don't make a good ad that starts off by reminding people of the points your competition already has scored. ("I'm a PC" reminds you of...) Instead, hit their weaknesses. Some good ideas have been posted about how to approach, for example, user freedom of choice. (An ad showing all the different brands for one component, such as video cards, would be good but Microsoft won't do that because folks who are buying video cards are the very people Microsoft wants to buy Xbox). Still, if Microsoft ever decided to support PC gaming, showing one game after another, screen shot after screen shot, more and more rapidly, with the final screenshot of the phrase, "First on the PC, Only on the PC." would be a killer. But a similar approach could be used by having people describe the number of programs in their profession that are available: science programs, stat packages, marketing, etc. Yes, I know the best of these are generally available on Macs or Linux, but the point would be to demonstrate the superior availability of the range of Windows programs. Another approach would be lower costs: "A PC can add a couple of gigs of memory for $120 - visit to see how much that would cost you in their computers." In any case, don't play the Apple game but do talk about Windows advantages. And don't stay with the "PC" references - the ultimate issue is OSes. Show the stuff that Vista does better than OSX. And, if not that, then show where Vista has improved/fixed past problems as a way of tearing down the image of a bug-ridden, bloated, slow OS.



Finally Microsoft replies to Apple's ads. For the longest time Microsoft has decided, for reasons all their own and at their peril, to simply ignore the original ads from Apple. The original ads from Apple though was not about how much better OS X is from Vista but it was more about how Apple users are hip and cool compared to their "PC" counterparts. There is an elitist sub message in those ads, (For why else would they decide to choose a balding, chubby, boring guy in a suite to play the PC guy.) A lot of people either hate those ads or are outright insulted by it (except of course the Mac fanboys in their proverbial ivory towers). Apple started the whole trend to steriotype the average pc user, a stereotype that has become pervasive. Overall, I like these ads... I see Microsoft trying to break the stereotype first and eventually move on to show some of the decent features of their OS as the campaign progresses. I don't really think there's any reason for this whole OS war. Each OS is good in its own right. 



Hi, I'm a mac.  I'm going to call you a stupid mindless drone and then ask you to but my products; because that's who i market to.  I'm going to sucker you into buying my propriatary OS and use all propriatary software that you have to pay me for.  I'm going to prevent you from using all the thousands and thousands of free programs and games that "other" OS let you use.  You're going to buy my products not becuase they are good, but because they are fashionable; so you can look cool and sophisticated in starbucks, wearing the same black turtle neck sweater and blue jeans evey day while sipping on your overly priced, over rated coffee and looking "hip". Your going to use the hardware i tell you to beause my OS won't work with the thousands of hardware options availible.  Going to pay for a laptop that is soo hip and cool that it fits inside a shotgun envelope, never mind that it is incredibly wide and doesn't come with an optical drive; you won't need it anyway, cause you can't install that software you own (it's not made by mac).  I'm going to convince you that macs never have problems and work flawlessly.  you your going to belevie it, cause you don't want freedom, you want to be cool.  Besides, what else would you spend 3000 dollars on? 



LOL I couldn't have said it better myself.  Both Macs and Windows offer good features but when in comes in the long run, Windows wins. Let's not forget how completely stupid Mac users can be (the 25 list on Mac life was a complete joke).  Not all Mac users are that dumb though which is a good thing. 

Personally, I'm happy MS is finally launching ads to compete against the annoying and lame Mac commercials but I think MS could have done it in a better way.  I understand their message but they could have written the ads in different way so much more could be taken from it and it could be easier to understand.  This is going to be an ongoing war until MS finally launches an OS as amazing as XP was and it stays that way throughout its life, unlike how XP crashed and burned with security problems throughout ITS life.  If MS really understands how they borked Vista (though Vista is pretty amazing right now.  I'm tired of everyone who automatically claims Vista sucks.  If you use and have nothing but problems, you're unlucky as all of MY problems are gone.  Thank you, SP1.), then Windows 7 will be really awesome.  Of course, MS is MS and the only way to know for sure is to wait.



I was with a group of people who just saw the latest Microsoft commercial, and the comment was “what IS a PC”?   Everyone knew what a Mac is, but PC threw this non-technical group for a loop.  I wonder if Microsoft is targeting the right audience with these commercials…?



Hey, guys...  Someone said something about Microsoft.

~~crashing of feet and stampeding herd~~


*Please note that this holds true even if the article didn't have anything to do with Vista (like, say Microsoft's mouse line).


By the way, Wildebeast - great ad sketch.  Seriously.  And even if you're a Vista hater, that ad is still truer for Vista than it is for, oh, you know... The iGuys.  With all the money Microsoft is willing to shell  out for advertising these days, you might have something going there. :P



Microsoft works with component manufacturers to make 100s of different components work, and work better. 

You can build your own machine --choosing parts for the value/cost ratio you like, reuse parts from your current machine, OR buy a pre-packaged unit from dozens of OEMs who make these selections for you, streamlined for your use.  

This allows you to be up and running for $500-1200 ---for a machine you can use for productivity, as a home theater PC, or to play 100s of Windows compatible games.   OR, if you are a real technophile, you can spend $6000 on a premium computer and/or parts  --to get the baddest computer on your block.

There are 50 different audio/music and dvd player programs that work with Windows.  So --once again-- you can choose the one with the feature set and user interface you like best.   There are many of magazines and forums, to help you find the quality programs and parts that suit you best. 

 If you develope an issue,  you can also find solutions in the above places, go to the Microsoft Knowledgebase, or get support from the OEM(s) you purchased parts [or a package] from.  ---A Windows PC is a "sealed mystery box," only if/when you want it to be.

Want to be able to choose the best components, the programs for your computer to perform your tasks  --the way you want it done?    Don't buy a computer and OS from a company whos idea of flexibility is: "Technical Support for Our way;  OR it's your problem, the other guys problem, anyone's but ours."

The choices are Yours, if you want them.  Feel free to use the parts & programs that work best for you

The competition to make a better part, a better program, with higher compatibility, improves the standards for all PCs.

(Of course, this is an XP ad.  Maybe someday it'll be true for Vista or Windows 7 too."




Soooo tired of the Vista bashing. I have been running Vista ultimate 64bit for 2 years now and have had no problems at all none zip zilch. This is a great OS, Runs great looks great. I think the olny reason people did not upgrade is the pricing, And all the negative press.



or maybe it's because it's actually a downgrade



im pretty sure that microsoft is not downright trying to kill pc gaming, because all of the games we play are only for windows, and is a major reason why some people get windows in the first place. I just think microsoft had a really bad time with vista, and if microsoft downright killed pc gaming, a lot of gamers would get a console and switch to a mac, which is preety good if yur not using it for games



This is an ill fated attempt to patch the biggest blunder in
OS history. Sorry Folks.

That's why I'm still using Windows XP.





I'd love to see what Paul Lilly thinks of THESE.



Any of these just about sums it up.


Keith E. Whisman

So they are directly making fun of the I'm a pc and mac commercials. I guess we won't see any more Mac commercials like that anymore unless Mac wants an TV commercial war with Microsoft. I believe that this is Microsofts way for firing the first volley at Mac's commercials.

Let's see what happens next.

These aren't as funny as the first ad. I missed the second commercial.



You can watch all the videos in a much higher quality than youtube at Microsoft's website.


If only some people would throw out a Linux ad now! 



Actually, I think these do a great job of what Microsoft is trying to do.  They're showing how PC's appeal to everyone (note that I'm saying that that they "show" this as in market it that way, not as a statement of fact on my part) by showing these diverse groups of people, and they're starting it off with the clear indication that it's a retort to Apple.  I'm hardly an expert, but I think that from a marketing and brand standpoint that these are pretty solid commericials.  It also is likely going to force Apple to come up with something new to do besides stereotype PC users as being outwitted by the "omg, so cool" Justin Long.



I think they should target some of the Mac's shortcomings.



I think they run a little tight....

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