New Mass Effect DLC Arrives Not with a Bang, But with a Whimper



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I Jedi

Zomg!!!!!!! MaximumPC, you've done the right thing today by informing us ME fans about this... Today, the Hero of the Day medal goes to you guys. Mwahhh!


And it's mine! Thanks again, MaximumPC...



 I don't understand what all the fuss is about this game. Also, I am not hyped up at all about ME2.

 - Repetitive missions

 - Stupid space "exploration"

 - Mako controls sucked

 - Squad command system sucked - after half way through the game, I never issued orders, not really caring what they did.

 - Bland emotions/dialouge

 - there was no reason to put sex in the game (just a stupid way to sell to horny teenage boys)

 - inventory sucked

I have to say - when the game shined - it really shined. Usually during heavy combat. Other than that - BLAH.


KOTOR had that "special something" that Mass Effect did not have.

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