New Malware Breaks Windows 64-Bit PatchGuard, Inexplicably Targets Mac OS X



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Windows 64 bit was supposed to be more secure because of the PatchGuard Driver Signing feature, which allows only signed drivers to be installed. Hopefully, Microsoft will find a solution and fix this hole in their security as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, it's always advisable to be up-to-date with your virus protection, since it was an anti-virus program that eventually found out about this flaw.




It is not new to get infected using Windows 7. I myself get infected all the time. I tried a lot of anti virus software but every time there is a tiny spyware or malware which gets trough it.



I see infected 64-bit windows 7 systems all the time.  Most are drive by installs.


Nothing, NOTHING has changed.



Now we just need Ubuntu to get a bad piece of malware to complete the trifecta.



I had an infection on my ubuntu system.  my brother used the username "dan" and the password "password" and I knew I had a damn good reason, but I couldn't remember what it was (SSH is available over teh intarwebz).  so I caved and let him use password.  his acct. got hacked and they installed a cronjob that sent spam (or tried to.  outbound mail was blocked.).  I found it about a month later, cleaned it out, and locked his account for a month to encourage him to choose a better password next time.



Uh... that's the equivalent of letting somebody going into Windows task scheduler. Not infection.

Also, driver signing is pretty annoying when writing drivers for 64 bit Windows (unless you have money to waste on M$ keys). I rigged up my 64bit NT6.1 to boot without driver signing by default (I forget how I did it, but I remember it was annoying to do, and it definitely worked because I have unsigned drivers.)



yeah, it pretty much is. ..which is half of the point. ..which you obviously missed :)

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