New Look YouTube is More Web 2.0ish



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It would be nice if the interface could adjust its' size proportionally so it fit the window size. Granted, on a 1280x1024 monitor this isn't too bad, it seems to be adjusted to 1024 width, but if you have, say, a 1600x900 one or bigger it could certainly be annoying.



While I do like the new Youtube layout, I think google needs to shift its focus back to having a simple, intuitive interface (KISS) because with every update they have things just seem to get more cluttered and more difficult to use. I'm talking mostly about having unlabeled buttons in gmail and the moving of the top menu buttons in google search being moved to the hover-to-see-the-buttons sidebar. I'd rather have a cleaner, easier/quicker to use interface than some shiny buttons. I'm a big fan of form follows function.



Is there any reason it leaves half of my screen blank and just fills the center 50% with a column of content? (Firefox 8.0). If this is on purpose, it seems like a complete waste of space to me :/



google this is for you STOP FIXING WHATS NOT BROKEN!



new layout doesnt work for me in opera, clicking side tabs does nothing. ie. change is completely worthless for me.

edit: got it to work by masking the browser on youtube as internet explorer. opera>settings>quickpreferences>edit site preferences>network>mask as internet explorer



I honestly like it. The less I have to tunnel through links to perform an action --> the more I like. Don't like something? The send feedback button lets you highlight a piece of the page and fill out a comment box to send them a piece of your mind. That's pretty cool in my book.

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