New Logitech Speakers Spray Sound Pretty Much Everywhere



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Although us computer types don't mind watching a movie on our PC, the MAJORITY of people do NOT.  Most people have a 5.1 surround sound system connected to their TV (and see no need for 7.1, HTITB are as popular as ever) and watch cable and their Netflix\Blockbuster movies.  The first comment most people give is why watch a movie on my 15, 17, or 19 in PC monitor when I have a 42 in or better flat screen TV?  Second most peoples PC's are somewhere where they cannot get comfortable and watch a movie.  The majority use their PC to surf the web, check e-mail and do a paper.  Oh also social sites like Facebook, twitter and some trips to you tube or maybe some music here and there. 

Secondly not too many peolpe are willing to pay $200+ for speakers for their PC.  I know I wouldn't as tempting as it sounds theres no way I'm watching a whole movie on my PC monitor, but I have a PC connected to my Plasma TV, but when most people hear that they think I have some super futuristic stuff going on at home.  I mean most homes only have 1 HD set.  I'd prob spend $50 maybe even a $100 for some nice speakers for the PC but $100 is really pushing it and if I see $110 no chance of buying them.  Thats the mentality of most people about speakers for their PC.  Go look in bestbuy, frys, etc. and look at the quanity of cheapo speakers and th quanity of speakers that are $100+ more than likely the cheapo's will look like the stock has just been restocked while the 5.1/7.1 systems are collecting dust.



yea.. logitech should really stop making masses of cheap speakers and maybe come out with a sucessor to the Z5500.  the z5500 have been out for about 5-6 years now?  isnt it time for a new and improved 5.1 or 7.1 system?



So, logitech wants to take a step backwards in audio technology and quality? Hell, this is like 3 steps backwards. The PC market has been very slow to adopt 5.1 and 7.1 channel digital audio even though sound cards have supported it for over 10 years now. We all know how much great stereo imaging improves movie viewing experience. Now logitech is throwing all that out the window in the name of "hey, its just as loud in any part of the room!" Screw that. If I am watching a movie and there is an explotion off to the right, I want to hear it to the right. If I am listening to a song and I should only hear lead guitar from the left channel, I want to hear it from the left. And if someone is shooting at my me from behind, I want to hear it comming from that direction. I'm tired of logitech pumping out cheap crappy computer speakers.

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