New iPod Nano Watch Strap Arrives Courtesy of iLoveHandles



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this one fixes the loop of headphone wire coming out of the jacket that Biceps mentions. they made a leather cuff so the headphone jack faces up the arm. a bit more rocker looking too.



check out these leather varities on etsy... pretty sweet.



I'd have to say they have too much time on their hands lol.  I really don't see any functionality in having an ipod on your wrist.  Listening to music, the headphone cords would get tangled and probably caught up in things while moving your arms around.  Using armbands make more sense.



HaHa too much time on their hands :D I get it!



norm from was doing something just like this last week, and now because of his sweat it has tripped the water sticker on the unit...

oh well at lest you look.... cool right?



So let me get this straight... you plug in the headphones with that half-inch dongle thing into your nano, then - what - run the cable up the inside of the arm of your jacket with a big loop hanging out the sleeve? Wow, that is going to look so cool.  No bluetooth?

I seriously need to start selling these 'extras' to people.  My first one is going to help you turn the nano into a headlamp.  The next one will be a jock-strap, so you can play with both your nanos at the same time.



Keith E. Whisman

I didn't realize that the nano was that small, it's still not nano-scale when it comes to size but man, that is pretty cool. Do they make a nano with a 120GB capacity?

I'm not listening to music, I'm looking at the time. Pretty cool, okay, I'm impressed with something Apple and it's not even an apple product (the watch band).

What I really, really want is something the size of this nano with external speakers that get really loud, like the old blaring boom boxes I used to hoist up onto my shoulder back in the late 1970's to the mid 1980's. When an old man or woman would complain, I would just give them the middle finger. I want the power of that blaring boom box or ghetto blaster to fit on my wrist and without earphones. 

So speaker technology really needs to accelerate because I'm not waiting forever on this.



LOL! $20 for a piece of rubber with a notch.



iTards will buy anything.

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