New iPhone Hacked Using Same Method for First iPhone



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I don't know why people are suffering with unlocking and all the blah blah with apple iphone.

I have a Pocket PC, I used a iphone theme ( and everything worked like a magic to me. Now I'm having the iphone experience in my Pocket PC.



I personally believe that the iPhone should be available with all networks. I take this stand because during the summers, I am away on vacations in Europe. There I would have to pay ridiculous prices to use my iPhone. Why should I have to pay those prices when I can hack my iPhone(as I have) and be able to use any sim card I want. Sure some features won't work, but for the sake of saving money, I don't care. Hopefully Apple will realize this and make it so we don't have to hack it. But whatever, that's why programs like ziPhone exist!



on ebay you could get iphone 3g software to unlock it



Personally I believe that the iPhone should be available on any network, because monopolies allow companies to charge outrageous amount of money for their products. *cough* Microsoft *cough* More competition between companies should lower prices.

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