New iPhone App Lets You 'Look Up Before You Hook Up'



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First off, it's none of her damn business how much money I make.  Second, if she wants to know all these things about me, all she has to do is ask.  Relationships are based on trust.  Have I ever been arrested?  How much do I make?  How big is my house?  Any women that asks me those questions on a first date will not have a second one with me.  For me, personally, two people should go out and talk about those things.....eventually.  It's like dating a girl from the CIA.  She has my financial info, my address, my criminal history. It's like a bad spy movie.  For the record, I'm a young man, in his 20s,with no criminal record, who is successful professionally, and I make decent living. 

Any girl that uses this app.....that's a BIG red flag.



A tool is a tool, all Intelius and Apple have done is allow a new tool, making it easier for some a$$ to get his or her hands on your personal information. I'm not saying the information wasn't already out there, just that now it's available to any fool with an iPhone.  I just read a comment that dubbed this app the sleaze detector,,,,  only if alarms went off the moment it first booted in the lab !



This is exactly like a skit from Amazon Women from the Moon, a collection of sketches from the 80s. I think the skit I'm referring to is actually on somewhere.  It is always scary when comedy becomes real life.  Now the real question is whether this service is for the protection of people dating, or for gold-diggers to have a more accurate database to work with.



 Does it work for us guys? Will it tell us if she's a gold digger?

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This app looks like something only a bad date would use.



i find it funny that everyones soo scared to even let there info out of site that they would allow an app like this. not only does it pretty much tell you anything about the person but doesnt it also kinda work into the hands of idenity theft? tells the people all your financial info along with your criminal records ? well guess no ones safe now adays. i have nothing to hide but if  i found out a person i was going on a date used this on me id drop them off at the corner of the street n drive away never looking back



Did this app get off the market already? All links to this thing seem to be dead. Seems like your concerns were right =) I do like to be able to screen my dates and weed out the crazy ones but I don't think an app can do that very successfully. After all, there are many people using the exact same names in the US and I've no idea how the app would differenciate one from the other. I think a dating site is solely responsible for the type of people they are letting in. They should have some process to scan new signups and not let nasty people in. Isn't that what the monthly charge is for?

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