New HP PC Monitor Gets Slimmed Down



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awe I was hoping for thinner bezzels... not like it matters though, I'm not going to have a tri monitor set up for awhile anyways (curse you lack of money)



So if all the ports are in the base it can't be used on a multi monitor or wall mount. I hope it's aimed at consumers because most offices and power users are moving to multi monitor setups and desk arms or other custom stands. It also needs an AC adapter instead of a standard power cable. Looks like it will help keep the cables a little cleaner though.



Thin is nice but far from the key factors in making a buy decision. If this were a true HD and useable for things other than watching You Tube I might be interested. All I will now buy are 1920 X 1200. Oh, and does this have one of those awful glossy reflective screens?



LOL 16:9. Fuck off and give me 16:10.



So now that they moved all the important stuff to the base, that means it cannot be wall mounted right?  I have my 23.5" monitor wall mounted right now, its amazing how much desk space you gain, when the base is not there to get in the way.



Really? Who cares about how thin a monitor is? I mean the CRTs were too thick but once you get to a few inches it makes no difference whether or not your monitor is super thin. You look at it from the front, so you wont see the thickness most of the time, and it gives less functionality for a higher price. This is also the case with people complaining about a half in thick smartphone. Gimmie a break

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