New Half-Life Remake Trailer Looks Freaking Incredible



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Wow its HL1 with a seven year old game engine whose last notible update was multiprocessor support.

Some how I am just not impressed with this, its been four years and the website has looked nearly the same with no real updates on progress or release.

Time to look forward: Battlefield 3 & Mass Effect 3

No flames from the HL/Valve Fanboys please.



Ok so you jump around like Mario brothers, you shoot ugly things like most other games and solve puzzles like Lara Croft. Big deal.

By the way the video was fuzzy or does that mean the game is fuzzy? Probably, but I am sure the fan boys will get wet over it just the same LOL.

I tried half life and don't see what the big deal was all about. Mario brothers with better graphics and shooting really.




Gordon Freeman is hot. That is all.



 This is the Half-Life that Valve shoulda re-released when Half-Life 2 came out. It's a complete remake of the original in the complete source engine unlike "Half-Life Source" which just uses the physics engine (and I think the water effects). I can't wait to get my hands on this mod! I wonder if Valve will offer this team a job?


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



While it would have been nice, and I am upset over the half-assed-ness of HL: Source... Valve had their hands full as it was with HL2 alone, which was late enough as it was.



Wow, this is going to be so awesome to see (and play) once it comes out. I think I'll stay up for a few days just to play them all.. I guess I'd better start popping full paychecks just to make sure the rockstar vault is full.



Hey i don`t think you gonna have to buy this game, remenber this is a MOD GAME and it should be completle FREE!!......



If this came out, and was never released...(and this whole FPS story deal still got off the ground from some other source)..I bet it would sell pretty good. Looks like a movie, sounds like a movie, probably will play like one. I played all HL and Source games. Just will have to wait.


digital demon

I've been following this almost the whole time it's been in development. Can't wait to actually play it!



i've actually never played the original hl, maybe if the game is as good as the trailer i'll definitely play it.



All I have to say is HELLZ YA!!!  I can't wait for this to come out.  When it does, I will probably have to take a few to days do this HL Source, HL2, and all the episodes!!!!  One nonstop HL frenzy!



Sounds damn good to me, National Half-Life Day. The ending of this was sick with the creature, love the monster from the original forgot its name though.

Its amazing how an old game made in like directx 3 or some shit is going to be Source, I'm so excited to play it you have no idea, following the end of of my Gaming PC which I hope to finish before I go into the airforce next summer. Then I can play all the games I missed, hurry up Christmasssss!!!!!

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