New GeForce 290.36 Beta Drivers Add Ambient Occlusion Support for Skryim, MW3



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Skyrim and Daventry mentioned in the same article... is there a mod for that? I can dream...



I'm still having some video issues with Skyrim. The one thing I can't stand is how horrible the shadows are from fires. I walk into my Whiterun house and the shadows from the fire place make everything look so bad. There's a lot of things they need to fix besides making the trees look better. Things like missing textures, invisible spider webs and dragons (apparently using Ultra setting for shadows causes this), and other miscellaneous graphic glitches plague the game at the moment. I have an Intel i9 Extreme processor and GTX 580 so power isn't the issue. No other games have given me so much trouble, not even BF3.

Chances are it's Bethesda's issue and not drivers, but who knows.


Watson Harlan

Just saying, is an i9 even a proc, or are you talking about an i7 extreme



Yeah, I meant i7 980.



They could've picked a better screenshot, since ambient occlusion does more than just make the trees look prettier.

I just hope this one's better than the Fallout 3 compatibility hack for AO I've been using.



I guess I'm not really used to seeing ambient occulsion shaders with textures affixed to them.


I feel that BF3 will benefit a lot from this, however. In the eyes of a 3d modeler.


EDIT: Okay, okay! I saw the '3' in the abreviation "MW3" and in my mind, it registered as "BF3."



I read "New", "Drivers" and "Skyrim" and thought "Let me guess this is something to make the trees look better"

Then I saw the comparison shot of the trees. 

Thank you for proving me right. 

All Skyrim mods=endless pursuit of perfectly rendered trees to bash console fans with.



If you clicked the link you get 6 more screenshots to see the what the differance is.

And this is not a Skyrim mod, it is a nVidia driver.



Without the "Creation Kit" to edit the game files with, that's pretty much all they can do.  Bethesda has yet to release the version compatable with Skyrim.  Once they do, the real mods will start.  



The Creation Kit is comming next month(January).



This bricked my Skyrim experience for the moment. Tryin' to figure out a workaround before rolling back. (GTX480 SLI W7 64) "diaplay driver has stopped responding" was the crash

restoring skyrims profile fixed it, and i then enabled one by one the advanced features (AO, HQAF) and for some reason it works fine now

wierd because it was consistantly crashing with that error until i restored the profile 


I Jedi

Thank you, Paul. I look forward to testing out this new beta in MW3.

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