New Flip SlideHD Camcorder Includes Touchscreen Function



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I like the idea of the touch screen, however I would rather see it on camcorder.

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Convergence - this will spend the timely demise of Flip.  John Chambers loves Flip and everything they have to offer, but the problem is that convergence by mobile devices, especially phones, will kill off the following devices:

- point and click cameras 
- portable music players (hence why the Zune is now a separate app on MS smart phones and how the iPod is integrated into the iPhone)
- portable video recorders (yes, the Vado's and Flip cameras of the world)
- portable console systems (the PSP and Nintendo know this, though this is likely only if the rise of smartphones continues)

In retrospect, John Chambers may decide that Flip probably wasn't the best acquisition no matter how badly he wants to get into the consumer space, just like how Linksys attempt at home audio was not a good idea.  I know John Chambers constantly frequents the MaximumPC web site, so I'll assume he is reading this.  John - buy Palm.  It's the best way you'll get into the consumer space and compete against the current reigning champ of consumer portables - Apple.  Thanks for reading. :-) 

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