New Firmware for Crucial m4 SSD Jumpstarts Performance with Faster Boots



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I like this feature...

  • Sustained Sequential Read: Up to 415 MB/s (SATA 6Gb/s)



    I could definitely use one of these. Especially that 512 GB model. Hellz yes.



    I care. When I built my current pc its boot time is about 10 seconds without an ssd. Thats from a cold boot. My old computer would take over a minute. That was fine when if I updated once a month, but not ok when I for whatever reason needed to reboot a bunch.

    Thank you  maximumpc for telling me this. This was one of the ssd's I was already considering 



    i will find every review of SSD's anyhwere and say it again and again: SSD' are amazing. easily the best innovation in a decade.. BUT who give a flying terabyte how fast your computer boots? WHERE in serious PC usage is boot times important? okay it is not even a benchmark or bragging right accepted amongst gamers. stop leading the articles with that feature in the title. Boot times? MY PC is a spaceship built in 08' and im about to rebuild this winter BUT it takes the thing like 1.5 minutes to reach the desktop and load everything up. maybe more than that. But it runs like a shuttle and i am not sitting in front of it on the rare occasion that it has be turned off, or restarted.(maybe once a month for updates and such). But who CARES how fast a PC boots?



    SSDs are not an innovation, and definitely not the best of a decade; technically speaking, they've been here this whole time in the form of SD cards and flash drives.

    Everybody cares how fast their PC boots. When I hit the power button, I expect my screen to go from black to login screen in under 20 seconds. Anything else is simply ridiculous. If you're OK with hitting the power button then going to eat a sandwich, more power to you. But don't assume that everybody else (or even anybody else) is like you.

    It doesn't have to be a serious benchmark, it just has to matter to people, and you definitely do not speak for the people.



    " amongst gamers"

    I found your problem. You're talking to the wrong croud.

    Waiting for my computer to do anything but incredibly intensive tasks for more than a minute is absolutely ridiculus. I'll bet you're one of the people in the "I don't care how long it takes the apge to load as long as I get to see it so I'm sticking with this outdated browser." camp.

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