New Firefox Extension Bypasses Government Domain Seizures



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Fight the power! :)



MPC you seem to have forgotten that they are just alleged file sharing sites,  there were no warrants, no charges, and no convictions, all you have suggesting that these sites are related to file sharing is the word of DHS and Disney.  



"just alleged file sharing sites"  Seriously?  Kinda like the kid on the corner is “just allegedly” selling crack.  At least be intellectually honest and try to defend the actions of these sites based on something.  Like their belief that capitalism sucks or that everything should be free, and there is nothing that belongs to anyone.

Yeah, these guys are all just good world citizens yearning to be free and are just trying to help break free from the binds of man “knowledge”.  Knowledge belongs to the world man, and no one has the right to hold information hostage!  Oh, and if that doesn’t work for you…the ONLY reason they even do this is because there aren't enough Demos of products.  If they like the product, they WILL pay for it and they expect everyone downloading it to as well – pinky promise.


Mighty BOB!

I lol'd.



Seriously MaxPC, how long is it going to be before publishing to facebook is removed or made opt-in?



'bout time someone stood up to illegal seizure of domains.

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