New Drivers from Nvidia Add Support for GeForce GTX 560 SE



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Jim Fox

The computer I have with a GTX560Ti is a gaming machine feeding a 62" HD TV, but it's primary use is as a Windows Media Center PC for the TV. I cannot recommend an Nvidia Video Card for a Media Center PC as every so-called driver upgrade makes the card worse instead of better. I'm using a very old Nvidia driver to try to stop the screen from going black for 5 seconds every time I switch between Media Center and the internet. With the latest Nvidia drivers you can't watch live TV without starting and then stopping a recording session to kick it into action.

Nvidia has lost its MOJO.



Every driver release I seem to hope that NVIDIA has done Synergy/Optimus for desktops. Maybe I should stop hoping that.


Peanut Fox

With Intel z68 and the unreleased Z77 offering GPU switching, I don't think nVida has a lot of reason to dive into that. It'd be great for users who aren't on those platforms, but it wouldn't mean anything to them going forward.



The Z68 does switching through LucidLogix Virtu, which is kind of flaky at best. Besides that, that Alienware X51 has Optimus, but it's a desktop system.

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