New "Crestron Connected" Initiative Brings Plug-And-Play Cloud Control To Home Theater



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@aarcane: If any company can bring complete home automation to bear, it's Crestron.  They've been in this game quite awhile and this product seems to be just the next evolutionary step.  As a tech who's installed, tested and programmed Crestron systems, I'm seeing more and more clients who want to be able to intergrate their home's entertainment, lighting, HVAC and security systems(something that Crestron already does well, btw) and control it via their own tablet device or smartphone.  Crestron has the muscle to create new unifying technologies like this, and will have no trouble getting partner companies to adopt the standard.  I think this will be a good thing for consumers, (though I admit it will make life tougher for us Custom Installers who make a living installing and configuring Crestron systems if any Joe can plop a new projector into their system and just have it work)

While I agree that most consumers buy based on value or thrift, these are traditionally not Crestron's customers.  I don't mean that to sound elitist.  It's just that Crestron is most definitely priced out of the range of your average consumer.



Just buy and use a Logitec Harmony remote.

Looks like you will have to replace all you devices that are not network capable?



Sorry, but comparing a Harmony to what a fully integrated Crestron system can do?  That's like comparing a pair of flip flops to a Ferarri.  Sure they'll both get you where you want to go, but how would you prefer to get there?  BTW, if you're choosing flip flops, it's only because you can't afford the Ferrari.



I suppose that depends on the reason for your travels. It's hard to sneak up on someone while wearing flip-flops, but it's damned near impossible in a Ferrari!

(That said, I agree with you. WTF does a Harmony remote have to do with full home device integration/automation?)



Just like every messiahnic product that came before it, this device will fail miserably, because it will require home owners to replace all their existing home automation hardware and software with yet another new, untested technology.  This includes, but isn't limited to wall switches, electrical outlets, television, stereo reciever, and every component in the stereo stack, and even light fixtures.  Unfortunately, most consumers buy a tv based on the "largest screen with the best picture I can afford" shopping model, not the "What new crap comes with it" model, and anyone with a stereo reciever in their home theatre will probably tell you they don't upgrade just for fancy new buttons.  They upgrade because sound quality, channel count, or power output/efficiency has improved over the past several generations of products.

The only way a new product in the home automation market will EVER "succeed" is to be able to control all the existing hardware in a home, regardless of what automation technology it currently uses, and do it all using a single, unified interface that's Operating System independent and programmable using a widely available scripting language.

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