New 'Clickjacking' Threat Could Compromise Your Webcam, Interrupt Striptease. NoScript to the Rescue?



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Webcam and Mic highjacking is nothing new these days, this probably the first one available that can target a wide audience instead of a limited segment of users (*cough* AIM *cough*). I always found it weird as to why Adobe implemented a camera function into flash... there's no real practical purpose for it. If you want to video chat, you use a Video conference app or your IM client, those are a little more secure.

- mike_art03a
IT Technician
Gov't of Canada



I have been using NoScript for over a year, and the amount of malware I have collected is vastly lower. Very much worth it for the occasional website that doesn't work (then tell NoScript to allow the site).



Thank god I don't use a webcam. I don't see no use for one unless it's business related.

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