New Chart Reveals Which Mobile Phone Emits the Most Radiation



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they don't even list my Instinct, my bosses iPhone (how di you miss that one?) but my bosses Curve is there ;0

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Have one on the worst list, lol!



Worse yet for the hippie; too much water has been shown to cause cancer! Cancer causes cancer, almost everything does!

If a bear tries to dump in the woods but a tree falls on him with no one around, is the pope's hat still funny?


I Jedi

I think the better question is should anyone care? Let's face it, even star light can give you cancer at this point.



That reminds me of a time a friend and I were talking about cancer while shopping at best buy (don't ask me how that came up.) I said "Dude, everything causes cancer in the state of California. Hell, this XM radio antenna probably causes cancer." I picked up a package containing an xm antenna, turned it over, and sure enough "Some materials used in the making of this product have been shown to cause cancer in the state of California."



Lol, did it actually say that? That would be funny. Most things these days cause cancer though. Really, i've now heard:

Teflon, CD's, Radio's, Microwaves, Food from microwave, certain lights, cell phones, computers, sunlight (more reasons i used on my mom when i felt like gaming on a nice day and go out at night, which she thought was un-wholesome) etc.

The list goes on really, but i can't think of everything right now, but really, nothing CAUSES cancer, since we're all inherently carrying the disease, just some people it will activate.

I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.


I Jedi

Hell... processed foods and medication... We're fucked. Look, basically everything in your life can give you cancer. So, you have one of two options. Go live in nature and be a tree-hugger, or you can enjoy that awesome smartphone, which will kill you. Personally, I choose the ladder of the two. Though, you still have to deal with star light giving you cancer... So, you're still fucked, even if you decide that becoming a hippie will help pro-long your life.



Good Article, but EL O EL

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