New Camera for the Blind Looks Outta Sight



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That is awesome!! I would love to see a video of one of these in action! I would also like to hear what blind/low-vision users have to say about it.



Come on!  The Thundercats had tactile video display that they could use to navigate aircraft with 20 YEARS AGO! Come up with something NEW already.



That's absolutely awesome! The visually- (and otherwise-) impared definitely need more innovation like this.

My dad has spent the better part of the past 20 years lobbying to get Alternative Interface Devices like this one developed and deployed to the disabled.  The oft-unrealized "other" digital divide that this era faces (other than the economic one), is the one that separates most of us from those who are physically unable to fully benefit from advancements due to entrenched technological paradigms (keyboard/mouse/monitor, etc etc).

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