New Browser Benchmarks: Safari 42 Times Faster Than IE7



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I like Safari 4 beta but will continue to use Firefox until security is improved. The Top Sites page is awesome!



Sorry but i had safari for a month I HATED IT, B/c it was so SLOW !!!!


nsk chaos

hmm...maybe it was due to ur low ram? but its definately faster now. loads pages in a jiffy (i have 760MB of ram on my computer - 512MB @ 333 and 256MB @ 400.....idk



who did these tests?
It was probably loading

we've seen apple pad and lie about benchmarks in the past. 

Safari crashes non-stop on my osx rig and is far from perfect for loading pages.
Not much point being fast if you are not accurate.

FF is still king of the happy middle ground





Minefield is like a Firefox beta, I've used it before since it comes in a 64-bit variety. To be honest I don't remember why I stopped using it. I do know a lot of my favorite plug-ins weren't compatible if that makes a difference to you, in addition to still no sign of a 64-bit flash plugin for windows(only for Linux). I agree with Keith, we needs some Acid3 tests in addition to speed to make any worthwhile judgements. Update:

-Sunspider Javascript Benchmark-

 Safari 4 beta: 1495.8ms +/- 8.6%

IE7 64-bit: 67265.8ms +/- 1.1%

IE7 32-bit: 73901.8ms +/- 1.3%

Google Chrome: 1421.2ms +/- 1.0%

Opera 9.63: 5466.4ms +/- 0.8%

K-Meleon: 15067.6ms +/- 0.5%

-Acid 3 test-

Firefox 3.0.6: 71

Google Chrome: 79 (linktest failed)

Safari 4 beta: 100

IE7 32-bit: Garbage

IE7 64-bit: Garbage

Opera 9.63: 85

K-Meleon: 53

These are the numbers I got (sorry forgot to do FF sunspider test). Results are from Vista x64 sp1 w/all updates and a dual core pc w/ 4 gigs ram.


nsk chaos

can anyone tell me what is minefield? i personaly have never heard of it before. it looks more promising than ie so i wanna try it out =). thx!!!




Microsoft needs to step up they are supose to be faster then apple

i use chrome and firefox and Opera 



Sorry, but functionality and security are far more important to me than 5000ms. FF wins that contest easily.



Keith E. Whisman

What is important here is what is the accuracy? Can it draw websites accurately?



The benchmarks are nice, but the picture says IE 8, while they talk about IE 7 in the article. 



I was under the impression that the current level of Windows XP was SP3...


What about: how if performs w/Vista or 7???



is tracemonkey enabled on minefield?

what firefox 3.1?

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