New Blu-ray Laser From Sharp Could Pave the way for 100GB BD-R Disks



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Porn habits aside...

The reason optical media fails to excite anymore is because it just doesn't seem as big as it once did.  Back when CDs first hit the street, they were three to four times the size of an average HDD.  It was exciting to imagine how much you could archive onto just one disc.  Flash forward to present day tech, and it's more like "how many discs per HDD?"  Even 100GB/disc seems like a headache - both in the disc-swapping sense, and the "how am I gonna catalog these" sense.

 I'm a small time photographer, and already my image collection is over 130GB.  I intend to grow my business quite a bit in the next few years, and all I can say is thank god HDD capacities are growing as fast as they are.  The only practical solution for me is to use external drives to back up my internal drive.  I stopped waiting for an optical tech that could handle my needs a long time ago.

 I also sympathize with the user who complained about having more discs laying around his house.  I almost never burn anything anymore (I'm not just talking about photos at this point) and I don't even like buying games that I can't get from Steam.  Just too much physical dust-collecting shit to have lying around. 



That's assuming you have 3 TB to fully back up.



I can't help but wonder why technology is always one step behind my porn habits.

When CD burners were popular? 700 megs wasn't enough for me.

DVD burners? I can get through 4.7 gigs before work.

Blue ray? 25 gigs? How do I hold watching parties with this capacity?

2 TB drives? Don't make me laugh.





See, like you said the average 1 hour video will be around 400 - 500 megs.

I kick mine up a nickel with ultra high quality. For 1 hour, its about 10 gigs. If I can't see the titty residue on a bra, currently in flight to some dudes shlong, I trash it.

So take my average 16 hour video and that is 160 gigs per file. 

Mo money mo problems.



He's doing it wrong!



Bring it on! Anything to bring down the prices and mass adoption is good for the consumers. Amazing what freakin' laser beams can do these days!



With EVEN MORE freakin' lazer!

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