New Backdoor Trojan Targets Windows and Mac OS X



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i'm so weary of hearing mac users that they won't get infected with virus or malware. well it's about damn time for you to eat a big chunk of humble pie.



There are some pretty ignorant Mac-users out there. So many that I talk to seem to think this as you've pointed out. Even Steve Jobs said that Macs should have antivirus apps on them; you'd think most would have heard and heeded that! 

I think, while Win7 is a bit less limited in the software that runs on it, that OSX has some great built-in tools for recovering from data loss and corrupition. So there's the flipside.

If one is wanting to stay the most secure (without relying on paid-apps that may or may not save their arses, I'd think a Linux distro would be the way to go.



I've never been a Microsoft fan.



I worked at a 3rd party Apple sales and repair store so I've already seen Macs affected by improper use, and downright stupid use of torrent sites. But after 4 years of use, I haven't had a problem, same way i haven't on my windows machines. I feel sorry for all the users who click on anything that comes their way, or that request downloading a movie labeled HD that is only 15MB in size.



That message is golden. I wonder how many mac users are crying over it.



It'll be interesting to see how Apple will deal with this.

OS X security seems permissive to me.  You can set an administrator password, when you install software (and you can), it asks you for the password.  However, you can't login as root/administrator.

From Apple's perspective, UNIX is a very secure kernel and it has a very tough security model.  I'd like to see how they'll get around to fixing these viruses/malware issues.



I wonder what it exploits to gain access to the system (both)

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