New AVG Premium Security Guards Your Good Name



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AVG can't stop notting but your system from working, Fake Anti-Virus it let through witch at the end landed me $50 in my Wallet Keep up the good work AVG. I don't run Anti-virus anymore, time means to much to me to be waiting around for Anti-Virus to say its ok I tell you Whats ok ok.



Wow, really, you bitch about AVG not providing you security from something which should have been fairly obvious to you was not right and then state you are too smart to run security?  You confuse me, but it's your windows install I guess.



good concept.... but with my level of paranoia it would be hard for me to trust AVG to keep that info secure. Especially when it it trying to comb the internet trying to find a match. Hopefully they do this by creating a hash of the user's info but that would mean that they have to hash every piece of information out there and then try to match the hashed info. Interesting though.

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