New ATI Catalyst 9.1 Available, Offers OpenGL 3.0 and Better Linux Support



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Although it is good new that ATI finally release updated drivers, the question remains. Why did it take several iterations of drivers before the EXPENSIVE card you buy would work?

 I purchased the latest ATI 4870x2 card and I had to revert to older drivers because the one included did not work. In addition, the HDMI adapter of the 4670 that I purchased for my htpc did not work and I returned that card while the Nvidia card (MSI 7600gts that I purchase a few years ago) works without problems. I'm thinking about upgrading this card with another nvidia card eventhough the price/performance of the ATI might be better. The name of the game is ease of use. I past the time I spent time trying to figure out how to fix things. Now however, I expect them to work out of the box and I do not mind paying a premium for it. I want to use and enjoy the computer most of the time instead of "fixing it" it most of the time.

I never had any issues with nvidia cards and drivers. I always felt disappointed by ATI product. Not the card mind you but the drivers. In the past, I used view the drivers as separate issues. This is not longer the case. Drivers are an integral component in the enjoyement of the card and I will penalized (withold my $$) from any company that does not provide working ones.





I'm running the vista x64 drivers on win7 without a hitch. performance doesn't seem significantly better, but hey they work perfectly!


Lord Omega

This really good news. Finally a decent driver for my ATI cards :D but I do not know if I should update or not because of possible problems.

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